Friday Favorites

Mar 22, 2013

Here are a few things I've had on my mind this week...

Yoga_girl on Instagram

I'm the type of girl more likely to laugh through yoga class, but I love yoga girl's poses. They look extremely difficult, but I'm determined to try some of the easier ones. If that doesn't work out, I'll just live vicariously through her images.

On the subject of yoga, I'm living in this tank top from Lululemon lately.

Power Y TankPower Y Tank

It's a great tank by itself or as a layering piece. I'm wearing it under cardigans, jackets, long sleeved tops, etc. The best part is you don't need a bra. Just make sure you ask for the free bra inserts.

Ballard Designs Indoor/Outdoor Rugs

Belgrado Ikat Indoor/Outdoor Rug

I just ordered this one for my front entryway. It's a great design and great price. The 5'3 x 7'7 is only $99.

I've seen this one in quite a few bloggers' homes, too. This might be perfect for my stairs.

Chevron Stripe Indoor/Outdoor Rug

Speaking of stairs, I'm finally getting around to painting them. It's going slow because of work, housework (especially after vacation), and an out of town husband. I'm so excited to be off this weekend so I can make some progress. I just hope no one accidentally steps on them while they're drying!


  1. I love the rug your ordered for your entryway, Jennifer, and the price is great, too!
    Good luck painting your stairs. I've done it before and know how much work it can be.
    Hope you're having a happy and productive weekend!
    ~ Wendi

    1. Yes, it's definitely a lot of work. Trying to keep kids and a puppy off them is even harder! I hope you have a great weekend as well, Wendi!

  2. that does look like quite a nice tank!

  3. Wow, that girl is in shape! You made me chuckle about you laughing in yoga class. I've actually done that too! :)That is the perfect tank - I love that it doesn't slip off the shoulders and you can wear it under anything. Can't wait to see the progress with the stairs! Have a great week, Jennifer!