DIY Dining Room Drapes

Jul 26, 2016

You've seen my no-sew pinch pleat drapes, but I've kicked it up my DIY skills a notch with no-sew trimmed drapes. I happened to find these pre-made French pleated drapes at Bed, Bath and Beyond for a steal. They were just okay despite the pleats. I decided they could be great with trim and a DIY idea was born. I opted for a leading edge, but you could easily customize yours any way you like.

I used my heat n' bond tape and ironed on the trim. This is a 4" trim I found at a local fabric store called Interior Fabrics for $16.99/yd. I thought that was a great deal for the width. You can find them online if you don't live in the Houston area.

These drapes aren't perfect. I was surprised to find there wasn't a place for drapery hooks as you would see on custom pleated drapes. I had the back tab option that doesn't work for pleats so I'm not sure why that's an option or to use the clips on the drapery rings. I didn't want to have clips showing on such an elegant drape so I tied the ring to the back tab wire. No joke! I felt like MacGyver (80s TV show for you youngins') trying to find something in the house to tie these rings to the drapes. Another issue I had with them is the edges are perfectly square. It wouldn't be noticeable on the edges if I didn't apply trim. It was noticeable where the bottom of the drape hit the floor. As I told my husband 5 million times they have to "just touch" the floor. The problem is they would touch the floor on one side and not on the other. I decided a drapery weight was needed so I put a few screws in the edges. It's the same thing right? Between the fishing wire and screw-drapery weight I've probably lost you!

Now, the pretty pictures.

I don't think I've shown you my new dining room mirror! Well, here it is. I needed something big for these huge walls without too much mirror showing because of the buffet. When I noticed this ZGallerie mirror in the store I knew it was perfect.

So, what's next for this room? I am looking for a cream rug with a bit of blue and gray right now. I already found a crystal chandelier I love, but have yet to buy. A couple of buffet lamps to replace those temporary candle holders...and this room will be done!

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