The New Pool: A Sneak Peek

May 16, 2016

With the exception of a few small details, our pool is done! We started filling it with water last Friday and it took three full days. I do not want to get that water bill! The chemicals went in on Monday and we were scheduled for the last steps, which was the granite countertop for the outdoor kitchen and the pool decking the next day. We went ahead with our pool party for Saturday night and sent out the text message invites...and then the decking date got pushed back to Thursday within an hour of sending the invites. We were promised it would be done in time for Saturday and I was a nervous wreck. The granite and the pool decking was finally complete at 8pm Friday. There's nothing like waiting until the last minute!

Of course that meant I had to wake up early on Saturday and get my shopping done fast. Unfortunately, the Ironman was going on in town and the only stores I could go to were Home Depot and Target without getting stuck in traffic. I was throwing things in our two carts at each store like a champ. I needed plants, an outdoor rug, pool toys, a tablecloth for outside, goggles, a trash can, and a ton of other things. Somehow I did my shopping, picked up lunch, cleaned the house, and moved all the outdoor furniture from the garage to the backyard in the nick of time. It helped that my husband did all of the cooking. And then the thunderstorms came rolling in! We still had a good time under the covered patio and the kids were able to swim for a short time. Actually, the weather still hasn't cleared up, which is why I have no pictures to show you yet. As soon as the sun comes out so is my camera!


  1. I'm so happy for you!! But I totally would have had my husband moving furniture and me cooking. Can't wait to see

  2. Beautiful! Did you do Pebble Sheen Aqua Blue again?