Entryway Stylin' of the Fly

May 5, 2016

I've been planning on a new mirror to go over the entryway console, but I never found what I wanted for the price I wanted. A couple of weeks ago my work computer was running really slow and I grabbed a ZGallerie catalog on my desk to flip through while I was waiting for it to reboot. I noticed the perfect mirror within a few minutes. I had my husband pick it up later that day on his way home and got it done. Finally! I had initially wanted something a bit more contemporary to offset the rustic/traditional console, but this mirror just fit. It brings a bit of the black iron from the stairs down to the hallway. I moved everything off the table to re-style it and only really wanted to keep the horse...and it sat like this for almost two weeks.

It was driving me crazy so I just had to style this table with what I had on hand because my shopping time is obviously limited to downtime between computer reboots. Here it is now.

I like the simplicity of  the look. The lampshades have got to go though. I bought them with so much clear plastic wrap around them I had no idea they were dented until I got them home. Grrr! But, I'm just so happy it looks finished and I can move on to work on other things like the new pool! It's almost complete. The decks were poured and the tile was finished last week. The Pebble Tec (pool plaster) was done today. We are just waiting on the spray deck and the new granite for the outdoor kitchen before we can call it done. I've turned my attention to the outdoor furniture now. I'm ready to start summer poolside asap. If we stay on schedule that will be next weekend. I'll be looking up summer cocktail recipes in the meantime. I can't wait to show you how it all turned out!

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  1. Love it! I haven't seen that yet because poor me....we don't have a zGallerie :( Don't you feel so sorry for me? I'm jealous, but would spend too much if I had one. My dad was in Palm Beach this winter and we went to visit. When we got there, he said "Boy have you got to see the stores here. They are right up your alley." And then took me to a shopping center with an Anthro and a zGallerie. He knows me well!!