Design Dilemmas Solved: Living Room Updates

Feb 8, 2016

I can't believe it's been a month since my last post! Things have definitely been slow around here since Christmas, but I have made a few updates and solved a few issues in the living room.

This is the view I usually show you of the living room since it's finished from this angle.

When you turn around to face the TV wall it's not so great. I had planned a gallery of art around the TV to distract your eye from it. I bought the little mirrors to have something there while I picked art, but I realized there was no way I would have time to pick an entire collection with my crazy schedule. So, on to something else!

I found these panels at Pier 1. As cute as they are, I had a feeling they weren't going to work above the TV. Unfortunately, my husband was with me and decided they were great. I usually give him the stare when he makes a suggestion and he immediately backs down. It didn't work this time so they went home with us.

They aren't horrible by any means. It's just a no. I did find a spot for them above the dining room buffet so we both ended up happy.

Finally, I noticed these wall medallions at Target. I thought they were great and very similar to the Arteriors medallions I've admired for a while. I had a few spots in mind for them when I bought them-the staircase wall, the media room, and of course above the TV. I was hoping they would work in this spot and thankfully they do.

It took forever to get these in a nice arrangement. This is really a two person job. You need one person to hold them up on the ladder while the other one (aka me) directs where to put them. Since it was just me doing this I now have 5,000 holes in the wall. Oh well, there's always touch-up paint.

Speaking of holes in the wall, we had to make three big ones in the wall to the right so we could move the thermostat and accommodate the painting. If you remember it looked like this before.


The thermostat has since been moved above the light switch as you can see in this picture (and the holes patched).

You'll also notice I moved the dining room armchairs from the entryway to here. Yes, they've been in three rooms in three months! They are just one of those pieces that are so versatile they go in any room.

I finally styled the coffee table a bit, too. A few coffee table books, a tray, and fresh flowers always work.

Now, that I've got the wall d├ęcor issues fixed I can move on to other things in this room. Drapes and a chandelier are going to be the next challenges. The ceilings and windows are so tall it's going to be very expensive to add them. I might have to do a little DIY!


  1. Everything is working out so well! The medallions look great. How nice you were able to move the thermostat, they always put those in the most awkward places! Loving the abstract painting, it gives lots of interest to the room!

  2. Isn't it funny how sometimes the last little thing in a room can drive us crazy for days, weeks, etc trying to figure it out? I didn't love the panels over the tv, but I completely LOVE the medallions. They're perfect and hung perfectly too! You nailed it :)

  3. Great results! Everything matches so well. Great that you were able to move the thermostat, they always put those in the most awkward places and they're ugly! Loving the abstract painting, it gives lots of interest to the room!
    Delores Ensley