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Jan 1, 2016

Since we just moved in less than a year ago to our current home there are no major room reveals quite yet. I'm getting close in several rooms. You can see the progress pictures in my "current home tour" tab. I am going to inundate you with pictures of my previous home so I will make it up to you. We lived there 11 years and there was not one room that remained untouched. It's quite the tour!

Previous Home

The most dramatic and functional makeover was when we converted an unused formal living room to a much needed home office. We built two 17 foot walls to enclose the space and added French doors. My favorite was the $100 transom above the French doors and all the DIY woodwork.

Entry/Living Room/Dining Room


In Progress

 photo WP_001580_zps1637488f.jpg



Living Room


 photo 422_zpsf327c01b.jpg


As a Home Office

 photo DSC_2162_zps36897017.jpg

Dining Room


 photo 423_zpsd338c082.jpg



Living Room





We moved here in 2003 so it wasn't too bad at that time. I clearly saw the issues and things I'd like to eventually change, but it was newer and much bigger than our last kitchen.

 photo 486_zps61535576.jpg


Only the microwave and cabinets stayed. We painted the cabinets and added glass to four of them, but they are still the same cabinets.

This kitchen was way too small for a family of five. It doesn't seem small, but the walkway around the island was very narrow. I think if we had stayed in this house we would have built out the kitchen into the breakfast room. The dining room was to the left of this picture that we could have used instead. As long we had counter stools in the kitchen I would have been fine without a breakfast room.

Mudroom-Before it was just an under the stairs closet.



Not only was it a mudroom, but it was a kitchen overflow. Our closet before didn't have proper shelves for storage so everything just ended up piling up to the point we couldn't take more than one step inside it. We finally had a place for the boys shoes and backpacks, plus paper products and all those other things you buy in bulk.

Master Bedroom Balcony


Front Porch


Boys Gameroom



Laundry Room-Before

 photo 084_zps20a669fe.jpg


 photo 002-1_zps0324ae8b.jpg

Powder Room

 photo DSC_2267_zps1e700369.jpg

Backyard Pool


Master Bedroom



Boy #3 Nautical Bedroom

Boy #2 Rustic/Industrial Bedroom

Boy #1 Varsity Room Reveal

And that's a wrap! I loved this house, but as I look through these pictures I do realize we outgrew it. I think what I loved about this home most is that it was done lol. I love my new home, but when I think of everything I still need to do it can be overwhelming.

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