Living Room and Dining Room Updates

Oct 11, 2015

It's still going to be another month before my living furniture is delivered, but I'm hoping to be able to slide it right in with everything else I have bought so far to get a finished room.

Of course Mario is photobombing! The pillows and rug are new. I bought the rug to go in the dining room, but put it in here temporarily because it just felt bare without it. I am waiting to get the furniture in before choosing something for this room. A new gold mirror is on it's way to give this room a bit of sparkle, plus gold and gray is just a great combo.

I absolutely love the pillows! I bought them at a boutique called Lam Bespoke in Houston recently. Everything there is wonderful! You can also find them on Instagram.

The living and dining room is flowing together nicely with the neutral colors. Sorry, I wish I had better pictures, but I still have no idea where my camera is so it's iPhone pics for now.

A current shot of the dining room.

I woke up this morning to the lot being cleared next door. That was a surprise! It's crazy not to see the wooded area behind the fence, but I'm hoping to not hear whining coyotes at night any longer. No joke! Coyotes! I used to worry about break-ins and now I worry about the local wildlife. I'm already planning to plant trees in front of the fence for privacy and a pretty view out the window.

There are other rooms and furniture to show you, too. I still have pieces that will be getting delivered over the next few weeks. It's definitely been a whirlwind of shopping since I've moved in, but I'm getting closer to being finished!


  1. Your new home is looking lovely! Can you please share where you got the rug? Thanks for sharing pics of your windows. I have been debating on doing similar shades and wasn't sure they would look ok with transoms over them. Yours look great, so my mind is made up?

  2. Jennifer...your new home is beautiful...cant wait to see the living room furniture...I've been spending more time on Instagram than blogs...nice to follow you along!

  3. Everything is looking great! It's such a big space, it's gonna take you awhile to fully decorate it. Love the table and chairs in your dining room