It Gets Worse Before It Gets Better, Right?

Sep 22, 2015

This worse phase is definitely driving me crazy! I'm buying furniture to fill this house as quickly and carefully as possible. It's exciting getting deliveries every few days, but because I'm particular about being 99% positive everything is going to work perfectly before I make a purchase that means every spare minute I have is devoted to shopping online and spending all weekend out shopping. I only have a couple of hours a day of free time after work, picking up my son from football practice, and our nightly routine. If you have kids you know the nightly routine goes homework-dinner-yell at your kids to read/shower/brush their teeth/repeat. If they floss their teeth then you deserve a medal. Then, I collapse in bed with a glass of wine and a trashy reality show or book. I usually fall asleep and end up whacking my forehead with my Kindle. Yep, that's my life. Don't be jealous. I digress! I know you want to see the new furniture! I know when new bloggers move into a new house and go silent it drives me bonkers. We want to see your house! No one cares if it looks like a train wreck. We just want to see it! That's why I'm cringing and posting these pictures at the same time.

Let's start in the entry. This is the last area I need to pick furniture. I love that I can fit both seating and a console table comfortably in here. It's just making the final decision that's been hard since it's one of the rooms I've been most excited to decorate. I keep picturing my kids' friends and even...girlfriends...sitting here. I need to make it intimidating. Just kidding. Any estrogen in this house is completely welcome!

And I need rugs! Rugs are hard to choose! Stores usually have the cheapest quality rug you can imagine or a rug that took 10 years to make with a price to match. So, that means I'm shopping online and I lose patience after the first ten pages of rugs that might fit the bill. I'll probably just pay a bit more and go for the popular brands, and stop looking for a deal in the end. I feel like picking rugs is a bit like picking paint and lighting. It's the last thing I choose and they need to coordinate even if the don't match.

The new dining room furniture.

A closer look at the dining table

A quick fall centerpiece-cinnamon scented pinecones, ceramic pumpkins and feathers

Living room-Sorry, iCarly was on and the kids were not going to move. You can see the new media console in this picture. I love that it matches the gray of the island.

The slipcovered furniture is also going to be replaced. I put together a little collage on my phone to see the new furniture together. I could put a living room together easily if it were all the same style, but I prefer to mix a bit of transitional pieces in so it doesn't look like I'm living in a time capsule. That means it could work or look mish-mashed. I'm going for something that works! I put this together every time I found a new piece of furniture I wanted to make sure the look I was going for wasn't compromised. It sounds tedious, but it only took me a few minutes on my phone and I was able to say yay or nay immediately. That is the chair and sofa I ordered, but both are in different colors than seen here. The coffee and end tables are still undecided at this point, but I love these Bernhardt tables.

The only thing I have hung on the wall so far. I swear this mirror could go in every room.

New bedroom furniture

I also bought the two matching nightstands, but I still need to buy a bed. I will show you everything
once I find the rest of my bedding. It's September in Texas so we don't really need bedding anyway.

My old bedroom furniture found its way to the new guest bedroom. It will need a bit of tweaking aka DIY before it goes with the new look. Yes, a DIY project always manages to sneak in! I have even more to show you, but this post would be insanely long. Stay tuned!


  1. LOVING the sofa!!!!!! Love the tufting and color. May I ask where it's from? Love the new home......BEAUTIFUL.

  2. Happy New home !!! Love that mirror !!!! Where did you get it ? Your home looks very welcoming !!! Have fun with more home decorating !!!