My Christmas Wish List

Dec 17, 2014

As I was out Christmas shopping for others I noticed a few things I wouldn't mind having under the tree. If you have no idea what to say when someone asks you what you want for Christmas, I'm here to fix that. This is some good stuff!

'Evedon' Rain Boot (Women)                    'Crystal Bow' Matinee Wallet

Joules rainboots                                                                      Ted Baker wallet

I know most bloggers love Hunter rainboots, but these Joules rainboots with the ribbon detail are the cutest ones I've ever seen. I love the touch of gold, too.

This Ted Baker wallet comes in several colors, but I just adore the red. It would also make a great clutch.

'The Looker' Skinny Stretch Jeans (Graffiti Girl)

Mother Jeans

These are my favorite jeans and pretty much the only ones I wear these days, which is why I need another pair. They stretch without getting stretched out and are super soft. They are very figure flattering through the seat and legs. The back pocket placement is low so it minimizes. Just try them on without looking at the price tag. That's what I did.

'Love in Black' Fragrance

Creed perfume

If it's good enough for royalty, it's good enough for me! This perfume was originally made for the French royalty and branched out to include American "royalty". Love in Black was inspired by Jackie Onassis's wedding on the black sands of Greece. What I really like about this brand is the natural ingredients, no synthetics. This one has night blooming wildflowers and Bulgarian roses in it. I tried it on in the afternoon and it lasted until bedtime. Of course, it smells amazing too!

'Backstage' Concealer Brush

Makeup Sponge Applicator Duo ($39.90 Value)

Nars Contour Brush  Concealer Brush  Beauty Blender

I am not a makeup girl at all. If you've seen my Instagram pictures then you probably noticed I'm bare faced in most of them. I'm trying to change that now that I'm getting older and need to wear makeup. Thank goodness for beauty bloggers or I would be lost! I am embarrassed to say I only own one makeup brush outside of the kit brushes and I never use it. Supposedly, these are must have brushes. I will give them a try!

Cozy Fur Robe - Ivory/Caramel Ombre

Pottery Barn Robe

I saw this in the store and immediately loved it. It's super soft and I love the faux fur. I'm bourgeois like that!


Kate Spade Travel Mugs  (Dillard's also has them)

Aren't these adorable?! I collect coffee cups, but because of my bad habit of spilling coffee everywhere I really need to switch to travel mugs. I should probably put my red wine in here, too.

Happy Shopping!


  1. You picked some awesome things! Those boots ARE adorable and I also love the gold. I'd never even heard of that perfume before, I'm going to have to check them out. Jake's girlfriend uses those pink makeup blender thingies and likes them too. And I have that Kate Spade striped mug with the green top! I love it, although I will say if you don't get the lid on just right (and for some reason I don't always get it right on this cup), it leaks on me. But I am known for wine AND coffee issues, LOL! I hope Santa brings you some of these things under the tree this year. :)

  2. I hope you and your boys have a great Christmas :)