Fall and Napa Valley

Sep 17, 2014

Last week we returned to the land of the grape, Napa Valley. My husband was working in the area so I tagged along since it's one of my favorite places to visit. It's also the most exciting time of the year, harvest!

We drank lots of wine, ate way too much rich food, and visited home décor stores. That's normal, right? I should clarify that I visited home décor stores and my husband found a nice little bar to have a beer while I shopped. I bought all sorts of cute little things that fit in my suitcase and admired everything else. One thing I've noticed is that Napa and fall go together like bread and butter. Napa's style is European, rustic, elegant and always warm. Take a look.

All of the home décor stores had these vintage green wine vases. I just bought a similar one a few weeks ago. All of the items you see here are things you would find in Napa, but I found them places much more accessible.

Green Vases, Cheese Boards, Basket-Pottery Barn
Dining Table-Restoration Hardware
Pouf here and Chandelier here

Lunch and view at Auberge du Soleil

No, I'm not trying to model my handbag. ;)

The prettiest parking lot around.

Vines outside our hotel room, and again, on the parking lot.

Jacuzzi winery in Sonoma

Domaine Carneros

Grape Harvest

About to take the tour at Robert Mondavi

Chandon-a little cheese with my whine wine. I couldn't help myself.

The flowers! It has been unseasonably hot, which is why I'm in shorts. But, the heat sped up the harvest to coincide with my visit so I'm not complaining.

The working husband. Tough job.

On to a different kind of fall. Just a couple of hours after getting home on Sunday from Napa I sent my older son outside to tell his little brother to come inside for the evening. They decided to climb a tree in the front yard before coming in. Why? I have no idea. Unfortunately, the tree limb snapped and my older son fell on his back. I thought he fell about 6ft, but I found out later it was about 10-12ft. I was looking at the wrong broken limb at first. It's probably a good thing or I would have gone into panic mode. After many x-rays, a CT scan, and several doctors appointments we've determined he did a bang up job on himself. He has pelvic fractures, a left arm fracture and a broken right wrist. He's walking, but very slowly. The doctor suggested a wheelchair for a few weeks, but left the decision up to us. My son would rather walk, of course. He's a tough guy!

He's smiling even though he was exhausted and in pain here. He's that kind of kid. I'm not sure when he'll be back in school and it doesn't matter. I'm just grateful he's going to be okay. I'm also grateful for friends that know how to cheer my family up with an edible arrangement and card that said, "Leave the trees to Tarzan." Lol! That's exactly the comic relief we needed at the time, especially since we found out our youngest son needed glasses right before that. Good grief. Anyway, my son has promised not to climb a tree ever again. I didn't even have to ask. Several times he said, "That was really stupid." I let him know it's not all his fault since his brain doesn't develop fully until he's 20. He agreed that I should make all the decisions in his life until then. We'll see how long that lasts!


  1. Oh my gosh Jennifer, I was just thinking about all my comments I was going to make about your fabulous trip and how I'd totally be with you drinking wine and home decor shopping, but then I got to the part about your son and all that flew out the window! So sorry to hear about his fall. What a trooper he is! I hope the pain subsides quickly and he is feeling better soon! Even if he forgets what he said about making all the decisions in life until he's 20, you should totally take advantage of that now. ;) xo, Sharon

  2. Aw, the poor thing :( I was going to comment about even in the midst of all the gorgeous wine country photos, all I could think was "I want her hair." :)

  3. Oh, wow, Jennifer...I'm so glad he is ok. Hope he's back to himself soon! Your Napa photos are gorgeous! I haven't been there, but would love to go.