Entryway Blues

Jul 1, 2014

No, my entryway isn’t sad. It’s getting a blue makeover! You might have noticed by the way my great room looks that I have an affinity for this color. Here is a picture of how my entryway used to look.

 photo DSC_2998_zps377bf24a.jpg

I have to laugh (or cry) because everything has changed due to one 10 pound, furry, shoe eating and rug marking dog. The pretty Ballard rug is toast and the basket of shoes was moved to the mudroom closet since Mario thought is was his own personal buffet.

It was looking very bare in this room until I decided to move a couple of blue and white vases to the entry table. I loved the way it looked so much that I decided to add a few more things.


I know fake flowers aren’t everyone’s thing and it’s not mine either to be honest, but I am a pro at killing orchids. This is such a good fake that I’m thinking if it’s buried in a new pot you would never know the difference. Well, that’s my hope anyway!

I also bought a new blue ottoman from walmart.com. Can you believe this was less than $30?! I had bought a yellow and gray one for my upstairs balcony and thought it was such a good deal that I went back for the blue one. It’s a great spot for the kids to sit and put on their shoes, too. FYI-The lighter blue in the ottoman does not look this bright in person.


Because Mario had been doing his business outside like a good dog lately I decided to buy a new sisal rug. To be on the safe side I sprayed “No-go” on it to discourage him. It worked great for the first hour, and then he decided to let this rug know who’s boss with just a little tinkle. The rug is put up for now until I can figure out how to get him from marking it. But, I do love the way it looks. It makes this formal console table feel a bit more casual, which fits in with the rest of the house. I considered replacing the table since it’s not quite my style any longer, but then I would have to replace the dining table adjacent from it that’s also formal and dark. I have too many other projects to get to before I can consider it. Sometimes you just have to make do with what you have!


I still have a few more things to do in here. A new front door is at the top of my wish list. I have three different doors in mind.

A solid black door. I would paint both sides black if I did this. One of the reasons I haven’t painted the inside of my current door black is because I’ve been planning on replacing it asap…for several years. It’s weird how time gets away from you.

black front door

This would solve the problem of Mario being able to see through the front door from the stairwell landing and barking at every single person he sees outside. But, I would love a glass door to get a bit more light in the entry.

The craftsman door would go perfectly with the style of my home.

craftsman door

But, I absolutely love this style of door (a single door version for my home).

divided light front door

I like that this one has privacy glass. Most of the ones I’ve seen are clear, which makes me a little uneasy.

I really do think a new front door will make the biggest impact in the way the entryway looks. I still have more accessories to buy and the lighting to address, but it’s coming along!


  1. It looks so great, Jennifer! I can't believe you found that gem at Walmart, I love the bright punch of pattern in there. I know you didn't ask for opinions, :) but I think your table would look amazing painted black. Have a great weekend!

  2. Hi Jennifer, Your entry is so pretty! I have a hunt board that is similar to your entry piece and love it with the blue and white. I agree with Pam:) the punch of pattern is perfect! leslie

  3. Love the blue and white touches - definitely classic! The ottoman is a great find!

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  5. I love how you re-arrange your entry, I like to do that in my rooms, it's fun! The ottoman is really cute, what a bargain!