My Paint Colors

Jan 27, 2014

This post has been a long time coming! I frequently get asked about the paint colors in my home, especially the family room. It's not surprising because picking a paint color can be one of the toughest decisions when starting a new project. I've even googled the name and brand of a particular paint to see how it looks in other people's homes. Since I am the designated painter in the house I do not want to make a color mistake and have to repaint a room. And, have you seen the price of paint lately?! I picked up a gallon without a coupon a couple of months ago and was shocked to find it was over $50. Ouch! Thankfully, I had bought a sample first so I knew the color was the right one. I love samples not only for testing out paint colors, but using them for small projects. My boys bathroom walls were almost completely painted from a sample!

Most of the paints I use are from Sherwin Williams, but I've found myself buying quite a bit of Benjamin Moore lately after seeing so many of their great colors on Pinterest and other blogs. I love it when I immediately know what color a room is going to be without having to consult paint chips. It's a great feeling that rarely happens!

The most asked about color in my home is the one in my great room, Comfort Gray. It tends to look more green in the daytime and more blue in the evening. That doesn't bother me because both colors work in here, but if you are looking specifically for green or blue then it might not be for your room.

Great Room- Sherwin Williams Comfort Gray (Flat)



I also chose a flat finish for this room. Why? The walls frequently get scuffed from the kids since it's a high traffic area. At least every couple of days I catch one of them riding around on their scooter or bike. Scuffs, holes in the walls, and things I've scraped off the walls that I won't mention do damage. I made the mistake of using a satin finish last time I painted and found that touching up leaves noticeable brush marks. I decided to go with a flat this time for that reason. It probably does get dirtier than a satin, but touching up more often is preferable to repainting the entire wall.

Entryway, Dining Room, Office-Sherwin Williams Mindful Gray (Satin)

 photo DSC_21622_zpseeaeae99.jpg

 photo DSC_2161_zpsbd80d2fa.jpg

What I love about this color is that it doesn't matter how much sun you get or don't get, it stays a perfect medium gray. There are no undertones of blue, green, or purple. It's pure gray. I was pleased to see how well it goes with dark wood floors and furniture, too.

Kitchen and Trim-Sherwin Williams color match to Valspar's White Dove (Oil based enamel)

 photo DSC_2978_zps459629cc.jpg

I stressed over this color like you wouldn't believe! That's the reason it's custom. SW Creamy was too creamy and BM White Dove was too white. I wanted the perfect in between shade. I didn't want the kitchen to look stark white or yellow. All of that stress was well worth it because I love this color so much I decided to paint all of the trim in the house with it. However, this paint is not cheap at $70 a gallon. It's an oil based enamel that is so smooth to the touch, which is perfect for woodwork so it's well worth the splurge. Thankfully, SW offers coupons regularly!

Gameroom-Sherwin Williams Softened Green (Satin)

I love the combination of green and navy. I decided to go with a softer green to blend with the nearby Mindful Gray walls.

Boys Bathroom-Benjamin Moore Rockport Gray on the cabinets and mirror trim, BM White Dove on the walls (Satin)


This is one of those times I knew immediately what color would be perfect for this room. I've wanted to use this color in one of my boys rooms forever. When I decided to paint the cabinets something other than white (because that doesn't scream boy), this is what I decided on. It's a medium shade, and a blend of tan and gray. It's a small bathroom with very little light and quickly decided on an off white I knew well, White Dove. This is the first time I've used a latex paint on cabinets with success. It's a hybrid version of latex by BM. I described the paint and the process I used here.

FYI, this room is almost done! A new shower curtain brought everything together and made the rest of the decisions fall in place. I hope to show you soon!

Master Bedroom-Benjamin Moore Gray Owl (Satin)

 photo DSC_2596_zps0fdf78e4.jpg

Do you know those pretty white marble bathrooms with pale gray walls you see everywhere? Many of them use Gray Owl on the walls. That's what inspired me to use it on my bedroom walls. I wanted light and bright. That's my thing! With all of the white on furniture and bedding I wanted a little contrast on the walls without sacrificing my black and white color scheme. I could not be happier with this color. It feels so fresh and clean when I walk in this room and it's the perfect contrast to the dark floors (that you can't see in this picture).

 photo DSC_2609_zps42b685e6.jpg

That's better.

You might have noticed I don't have any of my kids rooms pictured. Hopefully, that will soon change. I spent yesterday painting my youngest son's room. I'm so sad to be getting rid of the baby things. This is his before. He's had a big boy bed for a while, but everything else has stayed the same.

 photo 005_zpseae901af.jpg

Now, that I'm looking at it and remembering...I don't really like this room that much. Maybe change isn't bad. That's his little sweet baby head in the picture. He just turned six last week and is a big kid by his estimation. I'm hoping he likes his new room because I didn't paint it red like he wanted.

Boys rooms, bathroom, mudroom...I have a lot of projects going on at the same time. I'll be adding to this post quite a bit this year!


  1. I love the colors in your home, they're so soothing and pretty! I want to paint our downstairs this year - it still has beige all around and I'm really liking the idea of a light creamy gray color. You've got some great colors to choose from!

  2. We also have Gray Owl in our master bedroom and it gives off a blue/green casting, and it's very serene. I just love it! We had originally chosen that color for the living room, but in that room, it looked pure green. Definitely not what we were after, so we went with Benjamin Moore's Revere Pewter and it is the perfect gray. Looks great with the dark floors. I agree with you about paining- people say "oh it's just paint, and can be re-painted if you choose the wrong color"...but guess what, that's still a ton of work!

  3. I love your paint colours! I am painting our Master SW Comfort Gray. I considered Gray Owl but my husband thinks the whole house looks like that same Gray. The main rooms are all Edgecomb Gray. So now I am trying to decided what to do the kitchen. I just re-painted both my kids rooms too. My mud room also got re-painted but I'd like to paint the door to the garage a fun colour.

  4. You are really REALLY good at color. I always use Ben Moore, but these colors make me think I should consider SW too. They are GORGEOUS. I especially love Comfort Gray and Mindful Gray. Really beautiful Jennifer

  5. I just love all of you colors - especially love the cabinet color in the boy's bathroom and your bedroom...gorgeous!!

  6. I love all the colors you've used all around your home, they all work together so nicely.

  7. You have a knack for picking colors. My son's room was so similar to yours when he was little!

  8. Jennifer, you have beautiful taste in paint colors! Your entire home is stunning. I actually used Sea Salt in my powder room which is one shade lighter than Comfort Gray. The Comfort Gray looks great in your home. I also really love the Gray Owl in your master bedroom, and I'd love to feature your bedroom on my paint color blog, Involving Color. Let me know if you're interested!

  9. Thankfully, I had bought a sample first so I knew the color was the right one. I love samples not only for testing out paint colors, but using them for small projects. My boys bathroom walls were almost completely painted from a sample! best sewing machine for beginners