Houston Nutcracker Market

Nov 11, 2013

I finally made it to the Nutcracker Market! I can't tell you how many years I've said I'm going to go and never made it, but I drove the 45 minutes into Houston from my suburb to experience this local shopping tradition sponsored by the Houston Ballet. There are over 300 booths of home décor, Christmas decorations, food, skin care, clothing, and jewelry. So, how was it? Crowded, a lot of dowdy clothes, over priced jewelry, big hair I thought disappeared at least a decade ago, lots of girly alcohol for sale, and a few hidden gems. I know that's not the best endorsement, but it's just my take on it. Let's just skip to the hidden gems, shall we? There were several booths that had beautiful and unique items for sale. That's what makes it worth going. As much as I adore many chain retail stores, I can walk into so many homes and immediately recognize where they bought many of their items. In the scheme of things it doesn't matter, but sometimes I crave something that is handmade and heirloom quality. My absolute favorite booth was about 20% of the entire Nutcracker Market space, The Paul Michael Company. I immediately fell in love as soon as I walked around the corner and saw this.

I love the sofa, chair, coffee table, chandelier, pillows, and ottomans. Okay, that's everything. The picture doesn't do it justice. Here's a pic from their Facebook page of what they are really about.


And their website...


  1. Okay, that looks fantastic! I love everything in that first photo too! Gorgeous stuff and it does make me want to think about Christmas decorating. :) I think your boys should experience the Nutcracker. They may wish they were playing x box, but they might really like it too. If anything, you've given them a great experience and opened their minds a little more.

  2. I found your blog through a comment left on South Shore Decorating. Your blog title sounded inviting so I hopped across to take a look. You have a lovely blog, I am about to look at some of your house photos, they look lovely, I especially love the colour you have used in your hallway. I am sure I will be able to find lots of inspiration here.

    I live and blog in New Zealand and sometimes I feel like I am so near because of peoples comments, yet so far as I am not able to mix with a lot of blog events going on in the world. I realise the 'nutcracker' wasn't a blog event but it's these sorts of events that are fun to go to and photograph. New Zealand tends to have smaller events and less frequent, never I do manage to find inspiration, even if its just the local farmers market.

    Will follow along.


  3. Those Chrstmas goodies definitely is getting me in the spirit, going to go check out their site! Love that chair… For that price, a score!
    I know my son would much rather be playing Xbox too, but I think they would really enjoy seeing the Nutcracker!