Weekend Links: A Classic Style Home, Top Pinterest Designers, and More

Oct 11, 2013

I'm gearing up for a busy weekend! I had a burst of motivation today (for some odd reason) and decided to work on painting my boys' bathroom. Well, I bought the paint with the intention of working on it this weekend, but then I decided to break out the wine tonight. Maybe tomorrow? I'm also marking off "visit pumpkin patch" from my fall bucket list this weekend. I was a little worried my 11 year old would think it was lame since so many are geared towards the preschool crowd, but I found a great place with an 8 acre corn maze. I'm crossing my fingers he'll like it and my 5 year old won't be terrified. Add in a little league game and a bit of work, and I'm calling this weekend fun and productive. If you plan on relaxing this weekend with your coffee (lucky duck!), check out these links I happened across earlier in the week.

Sarah Michelle Gellar's new home is the epitome of a classic style home, which naturally means I'm completely in love with it. See more here.

I could not agree more with this list of old-fashioned house features we were wrong to abandon.

Dutch Doors

For great interior design inspiration, check out these top ten designers are Pinterest. One of them is Houston native, Paloma of La Dolce Vita!

The Top 10 Designers to Follow on Pinterest

Despite never buying a thing from this catalog, I always look forward to Neiman Marcus's Christmas Book every year. A girl can dream, right?

It's Here! The Christmas Book

Have a great weekend!

And, pray that I don't get lost in the corn maze. Seriously!


  1. Hi Jennifer,

    I just found your blog...there's so much to check out, I need some time!! Breaking out the wine! I love it, it's Friday after all! I think the corn maze sounds like a blast! I looked at your profile picture and almost cried, I just had my hair cut about two weeks ago, it was like yours! Sigh!!! Off to see SMG's home! Thanks!


  2. Thank you for these links, especially the Pinterest one - just what I need....more people to follow in Pinterest!! ;)

  3. Wow, that's a stunner, I love WMG's home! Great boards too ;)