Easy Chandelier Update

Oct 25, 2013

 I have been the project/diy queen the lately! I’m exhausted, my house is a mess, and laundry is folded in huge piles all over the house. This is what happens when I take on too much at one time, but I should be done (fingers crossed) by next week. One of those projects is decorating my dining room. I’ve told myself for months that I will have this room done before Thanksgiving since we will be hosting this year. There’s nothing like the thought of a bunch of people in your house to bring out your critical eye.

This chandelier project is the easiest update I’ve done this week. I like my dining room chandelier, but I don’t LOVE my chandelier. I had exactly one day to choose something when we remodeled this room a little over a year ago, which really limited my options. Just to recap, we used to have a combination living/dining room and built a wall between the two rooms to turn the living area into a study. We have 17 foot ceilings and a scaffolding was used to build the wall. It was then I realized it would be a perfect time to change out the chandelier since the cost of having someone come out to replace it was extremely expensive due to the scaffolding. Since it was already there to build the wall I figured it wouldn’t cost much to have it replaced. The contractor said he could do it, but the scaffolding was scheduled to come down the next day. That means all of the special order chandeliers I had my heart set on were out of the question. This is the only one I found that fit the space, wasn’t too ornate, and the right color. It’s a little too basic, but I knew I could jazz it up with crystals and chandelier shades. Then, it sat like this for over a year.

 photo DSC_2163_zps5cae04e7.jpg

I noticed magnetic crystals for chandeliers in a catalog, but I put off buying them because of the cost. I’m glad I did because I found similar ones at Hobby Lobby for so much cheaper.


The small crystals are $7.99 for five and the large ones are $7.99 for three. Since they weren’t on sale I was able to get one for 40% off with a coupon. I didn’t have quite enough and went back for two more packs. I used my 40% off coupon again, so I spent about $25 overall. Not bad! FYI-The coupon is always available online and you can pull it up on your phone while waiting in line to check out.


The magnet part is fairly small. I was worried it would be obvious it’s a magnet, but you really can’t tell because of the size.

Here it is! I could play with the arrangement of these crystals all day. Unfortunately, not everything on the chandelier is magnetic, which limits the design. I still found an arrangement that I liked.



What do you think? It’s so nice to update something without paint or a drill. In case you’re wondering, those drapes are new. I’ll give you a better look once I iron them.





Much better! I’d love to update the chandelier shades with a bit of fabric and trim, but I’m on the outs with my hot glue gun right now after a wreath making catastrophe. It turned out in the end and I’ll show it to you next week, but I wish more projects were as easy as this chandelier update!


  1. I have never seen those magnetic crystals. What an easy and affordable update! It's a beautiful addition... especially when your dining room is all done up for Thanksgiving :)

  2. I love sparkle, what a great idea!

  3. Such a neat idea and a simple DIY. A quick stop to Hobby Lobby may be in my future soon!