Classic Style Home is ONE!

Oct 9, 2013

I can't believe it's been a year! When I started this blog last year I wasn't sure if I was going to write it for anyone other than family and friends that were interested in projects going on around my house. It didn't take long at all to want to share my renovations in link up parties that I came across when reading my favorite blogs. Decorating and DIY projects are such a passion that I can't help but get excited when I do something new. It's nice to know that people have a choice to log on here and willingly read about them instead of being held hostage by me showing them pictures of my house while their eyes glaze over. Now, I can just refer people here instead if they aren't just being polite and really are interested. But, it's become so much more than that as you have come here to read my blog, pin my pictures, and leave lovely comments. I appreciate it so much and love this wonderfully positive community!

I've done so many renovations over the past year and I'm still not done. What's left? Besides the boring ones like a new roof, the two upstairs bathrooms need to be remodeled. I'm hoping to remodel both of them some time in the next year. One is the master bathroom that will get a total makeover-new shower, wall tile, flooring, countertop and maybe a new vanity. The second one is the boys' bathroom, which is just going to get a spit shine. There is no point in spending a lot in there because...well, I'll spare you the details of how gross it gets. Let's just say it doesn't make sense. We also need to do a bit of landscaping in the front yard since it was completely demolished during our pool installation. The Bobcat that was used to dig the pool went right over the middle of our flowerbed and there's still a huge gap between the plants. Pretty, right? I'm hoping to hire someone this spring because my landscaping skills are seriously lacking. Of course, my plans are all tentative since unexpected repairs are the norm around here. This year we've had to replace our A/C compressor after hundreds spent on the old one, electrical panel work, a new oven, a new fridge, hired a plumber after getting a huge water bill, etc. My bathroom plans were dashed this year because of all that. 'Tis life!

Even though I don't have much to do in this house I'll never really be done. I can't wait to go back to each room and tweak it to be exactly what I want. Because of the huge amount of remodeling that needed to be done the decorating got pushed to the side. I've stopped doing that because the result is not being happy with even one room in my house. I make sure to really finish a room now because it keeps up the motivation to finish the rest of the house. I'm not just decorating rooms, I'm styling them now. It makes me fall in love with my house all over again with each room I finish.

Sorry, for the novel. Now, it's time for the pictures and the state of my house with a mini house tour.

Finished Rooms


 photo DSC_2135 (2)_zps439b728b.jpg

I need to get an updated photo with the new oven, coffee bar and kitchen rug, but it's done. If I were to come back and tweak this room I would add lighting over the island, replace the microwave with a wood vent hood, and put in a wood ceiling. None of those are necessary, but would definitely be nice!


I absolutely love this room! The only thing I would add to this room is a couple of wall lights, but after getting a price for hardwiring I decided it wasn't necessary. I doubt my boys would even turn them on since they like their rooms cave-like when playing video games.

The laundry room and powder room are other rooms that have been completed for a while. You can see pictures on the sidebar.

And the latest...My master bedroom balcony.
Master Bedroom Balcony
Almost Finished Rooms

Living Room

I really just need a rug for this room, but after what our puppy, Mario, has done to our other rugs I'm still hesitant. I'm also considering painting the coffee table and adding a couple of curtain panels, but I really do love this room.


 photo DSC_3018_zps6b8b888d.jpg

I pretty much stopped decorating this room since it does not serve the purpose I had planned. The only time I go in here is to get Mario off the desk since that's where he likes to sit and bark at everyone and everything he sees outside, or file away paperwork. I thought this would be my spot, but my husband and his avalanche of work paraphernalia has taken over since he works out of the house several times a week. I can't work in there because it's too messy, but I'm not sure what to do with his stuff. I've just given him this room and I'm rethinking the décor now. I might go a bit more masculine and industrial instead. I've offered to buy him a different chair, but he loves this one because it's so comfortable. Who knew?

Master Bedroom

 photo DSC_2596_zps0fdf78e4.jpg

This room just feels good because it's so light and bright that contrasts with the dark wood floors, but I need to add décor and fix up the dressers/nightstands. I bought them because they could be customized with trim and knobs, but I just haven't taken the time. I've already replaced the duvet with a white quilt instead. I love how much neater it looks than the lumpy, wrinkled duvet. I'm questioning the white bedding now. I bleached it yesterday and it's just eh. I probably should have gone with the gray coverlet in retrospect.

Dining Room

 photo DSC_2409_zpsfb1b9633.jpg

It's all decorated for Christmas in this picture, but you can tell it's a blank slate. I'd love to get it all fixed up before Thanksgiving with new recovered seat cushions, drapes, and artwork. I'm so excited since we put in the pool that the fence was moved to include this window in the backyard now. That means I can take down the blinds and put up drapes without worrying about who is looking in the window. I'd love to have a pretty view out the window instead of pool toys, too. Maybe a fountain in pea gravel with a few boxwoods around it?

Complete Overhauls

My kids rooms, the upstairs bathrooms, and the garage are just disasters! My boys furniture is decent once they are touched up/fixed. My middle son just pulled off his drawer front of his new dresser. Argh! The paint, trim, fans/lighting, blinds, and door tracks are completely shot. I've got to figure out how to prevent these things from happening. Steel walls, no window treatments, and closet doors off? Maybe.

So, that's the good, bad, and "eh" of my house right now. It is so much work to keep a house running and then adding projects on top is always tough. I've been doing the fun decorating lately, but it's time to whip out my paint brush and power saw soon. Thank you so much for following me along this first year!


  1. You've made so much progress. I'm loving the detail on your master bedroom wall. What a great touch. Congrats on 1 year!

  2. Congratulations, Jennifer, on one year! I really do enjoy your blog. Everything you've done in your house looks beautiful! Looking forward to seeing your future projects!

  3. Happy Blogiversary! It has been so nice connecting with you and seeing all your updates to your home. I love that we have become bloggy buddies and look forward to another year. :) Sharon

  4. I am visiting via Cozy Little House. Happy Blogging Birthday.

    I have been blogging for 1 1/2 years and I had no idea how blogging would make me constantly be looking for ways to tweak my decor. There is always something that needs doing and then there are the ideas I get from other bloggers.

    Have fun remodeling bathrooms - one of my least favorite projects at our house.

  5. What a lovely home and blog you have. I am a new follower via Cozy Little House. xo Laura

  6. Happy blogiversary! :) Saw your feature at Cozy Little House.

  7. Would you share the color & brand of your living room paint? Love your home!