Out With The Duvet

Jul 2, 2013

This is how I dreamed my white duvet would look...
romantic grey bedroom
It's white and fluffy, like sleeping on a cloud. It's all a lie...just kidding!

Remember my bedroom makeover from February?

 photo DSC_2596_zps0fdf78e4.jpg

 photo DSC_2609_zps42b685e6.jpg

It doesn't quite look like the inspiration picture. I'm sure if I stuck a second comforter inside the duvet I would probably like the look of it more, but I would die of a heat stroke. The one comforter is already hot enough and we (my husband, me and my five year old...I know, I know) end up sticking a leg out for relief in the middle of the night.

The real reason duvet covers don't work for me is because they end up a wrinkled mess with the comforter pooling at the bottom. I'm sure it has something to do with my son who does karate in his sleep. We do use the ties to hold the comforter, but they end up getting ripped out every single time. I have no idea why. I've bought better quality duvets in the past with the same result. Whatever the reason, I'm finally going to look for an alternative to duvet covers.

I'm considering a coverlet, but I just need a little more weight to my bedding than it provides. I could buy a decorative comforter, but I haven't come across any that don't have that "bed in a bag" look.

I can't be the only one that is tired of duvets, right? Anyone, anyone...Bueller? You are completely welcome to throw any ideas this way. In the meantime, I'm off to go shopping!


  1. I have this exact problem !! and I also have a 5 year old and the occasionally 3 year old sleeping companion both of who hate to even have covers on.

    My solution is to use the Duvet cover as an actual duvet cover. Do not put the duvet inside it. It requires some more drycleaning throughout the year but it saves my bedding and my sanity.

    I make the bed as usual but just put the duvet cover over the duvet and then at night just fold it at the end of the bed.

    Good Luck -- Cheers Niamh at Kathleena Thomas Designs and VancouverBanshee.blogspot.com

  2. My husband would toss away the duvet cover in a second...if I let him ;)

  3. I so agree with you! Unfortunately, I just purchased the "bed in the bag look" only because I'm tired of the duvets and just couldn't find the look that I wanted (which happened to be the exact same look you wanted) for the right price.

  4. I have had a duvet with our down comforter for most of our married life. I like it, but it does tend to get bunchy down on one end and sometimes depending on the comforter I was always fighting with it. Have you tried buttons to keep it closed instead of ties? That might work. It could be your karate chopping 5 year old that makes the ties impossible to keep on there. I also like the idea above of maybe putting the duvet cover on top of the comforter, that might work.
    Love that fluffy look in the picture above. Mine never seems to look that fluffy either.

  5. Your bedroom looks adorable...love the black and white pillow on your bed...We take our comforter off every night...its just to hot!

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  7. I came here for this reason. Looks like the ideas didn't really come through. The only alternative I've discovered is too pricey for me to indulge in an experimental way. I can't recall the name brand, but they developed an exclusive comforter and top sheet with buttons so they can be assembled in order to keep them together tidily but so the top sheet can be unfastened and washed.
    I would think this could become a less expensive hack if someone were ambitious enough to sew either buttonholes or ties around the perimeter of a top sheet and then buttons or more ties onto the comforter. Perhaps this will be my next sewing project.