Reader Redesign: Formal Living Room to Home Office

May 3, 2013

One of the best decisions we made in our current house was to convert our unused formal living room into a home office. We almost moved at one point because we needed one extra room for an office since my husband frequently works out of the house. The closing costs and realtor's fees on our house alone would have been four times the price of the renovation! The family we bought this house from moved because they were lacking one room for an office, too. It was so much more economical (and less stressful) to enclose this area. Not only did we gain a functional space that is used by everyone in the family, we now have a defined entryway and turned an awkward room into one of our favorites.

Before as a Formal Living Room

 photo 422_zpsf327c01b.jpg

After as a Home Office

 photo DSC_21622_zpseeaeae99.jpg

You can see more pictures of our renovation in this post, Remodelmania 2012.

I was thrilled when a reader of CSH contacted me about her decision to convert her formal living room to a home office as well. I have been so happy with mine that I just knew her family would love it, too. Her husband has been using a spare bedroom for an office, but they really wanted to move their older son in there so he could have his own room. Since she had only used the formal living room a handful of times it made perfect sense to convert the room to a study. With the help of her handy father, they completed this room all on their own. It's now finished and I've got pictures for you!



Now, each room has it's own defined space, including the entry. Wainscoting was also added around the room and you know how much I love wood trim!

Built-in desk with great storage

The desks on either side of the sofa are for the homeowner's children. I love that the entire family can use this space.

The dining area is in it's own room now. In my home, I was surprised at how much more comfortable it is to sit in the dining room once it was enclosed.

I think the homeowners did a fabulous job and I know they are going to enjoy this room for years to come, or get a great return on their investment.  ;)

Thank you so much to my awesome DIY reader for sharing these pictures with us!


  1. So great when you can reclaim unused space and turn it into something that fits with your family's needs. Love that!

  2. They did a remarkable job! A great way to redefine their space. I love it!

  3. If the previous owners learned about how cleverly you resolved the space inefficiency problem, they might've regretted selling the house. ;P And a built-in desk with great storage is another wonderful thing you did there. It would be nice, too, if you'd add some more pop of color. Clayton@Metro Offices

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