Always Improving

May 17, 2013

So, I sold my leather sofas last night.

 photo DSC_2132_zps653b6667.jpg

The crazy part is that I'm a little sad. My older son has only known those sofas since we bought them when he was 16 months old. He'll be 11 in a couple of months. It should have been no surprise that he said exactly what I was thinking as the new owners loaded them up. "Goodbye old couches, I'll miss you!" These sofas are in every picture and video of Christmas since he was one, when I brought my two younger kids home from the hospital, and all those moments in between. I don't regret selling them because I never want to be stuck in a time warp. No matter how I old I get I want to keep improving in every aspect that I can. Can you just tell I had a birthday? There's nothing like getting older to realize you need to do everything you want now instead of putting it off. That includes not living with sofas you don't really care for.

I also feel like my sense of style is improving, thank goodness. Sometimes I look at clothes hanging in my closet from only a year ago and think there is no way in hell I'd ever wear that now. I pay more attention to fabrics and accessories more than ever. Instead of just buying pieces here and there I try to put outfits together. Here's the latest.

Factory resin droplet necklaceFactory sleeveless popover

MICHAEL Michael Kors 'Plate' Thong SandalFactory straight and narrow jean in whiteMICHAEL Michael Kors Studded Calf Hair Belt

The top and necklace are new (JCrew Outlet), but when I picked them out I knew immediately I would wear them with white jeans I already own. Once I got home, I put the belt and sandals with them. I'd really like a pair of gold flat sandals though. I'll be on the lookout for a pair when I go shopping next.
Something I've always wanted to do, but have never found the time for is to learn how to sew. It's hard to find that perfect pillow or curtain pre-made. I know it's so much easier to decorate when you buy the fabric you like and make it yourself. Here's my birthday present to myself.
I read the manual and learned how to thread it. Then, it was time to attempt sewing for the first time on some scrap fabric.
I think it looks pretty straight even though you can't tell since the picture and fabric is crooked. I was tempted to break out my level, but I have a feeling that's not what you're supposed to do. I'm going to attempt a throw pillow with an envelope opening in the back for my first project. The girl on the Youtube video made it look easy. We'll see!
So, I guess my self-improvement resolves around buying stuff. That's a lot better than that diet, exercise and cleaning regimen everyone talks about. ;)


  1. YES! We aren't getting older, we're getting better! I agree that we should always learn and grow and move along, even if it means saying good bye to comfy old couches. I love that you got a sewing machine! You will be whipping out cute home design stuff in no time. I love the day and age we live in - you can learn so much on sewing with youtube and blogs - that's how I've been doing it!
    I would wear every new piece of clothing you have here. Cute for summer!
    Have a great weekend. Sharon

  2. Jennifer.....your so cute! Once you get the new sofas, you wont be sad at all about the old ones...Your new outfit is the leopard will go with so much..
    I cant sew...I get so frustrated...its easier for me to take it to my upholsterer....he only charges me 35 dollars a pillow...have fun!

  3. The only reason I don't sew is that even with an instructor (one of my best freinds) I still can't thread the F$!^&$%! machine! Good for you!!

  4. We have a client that has that sofa and we tried to work around it. Then she says she wants to sell it, so it will make the design much easier to lighten up the room. I know we all have attachments to things..sorry, but you have pictures of all those memories! Love your new outfit, and I have loved a lifetime of sewing. I hope you find joy in it. It can be so rewarding!
    xo Nancy