West University Place

Apr 10, 2013

Because I'm a total real estate stalker and you might be too, I want to show you some homes in one of my favorite areas of Houston, West University Place. The live oak trees canopy over the streets, the homes are beautiful, schools are great, and the home prices are astronomical. But, that doesn't mean we can't peak inside via real estate listings.

One of the reasons I love to look at homes here is because most aren't huge McMansions. The interiors are casual and elegant, which can be translated to our own homes. Palatial-like homes are beautiful to look at, but the architecture is so different that I can't really gain ideas for my own home.

I'm guessing the homeowner is an interior designer by the logo on the chalkboard. If her house is an indication of her work, I'd hire her! The nursery is just absolutely precious.

The next house is elegant and French, but on a livable scale.

Aren't the curtains and chandeliers amazing? I love the casual fabrics paired with the French furniture, which keeps it from being too stuffy. Just perfect!


  1. Adore that first home, both inside and out. Noticing lots of Restoration Hardware pieces in there. Thanks for letting us snoop!

  2. The nursery looks like it is a a copy of the Savio Firmio one that everyone loves - perfect!! I love the second home, too!

  3. Wow! Sooooo gorgeous. Totally drooling here :-). Thanks for sharing these beautiful inspiration houses!

  4. So inspiring! One feels immediately welcome as soon as spotting the exteriores.
    Thank you for sharing,

  5. I love it when you real estate stalk! :) That first home is my favorite. She must be a designer, it is so well done. That nursery is amazing and so is the office! Both are beautiful homes.

  6. Isn't it fun to stalk real-estate homes for sale....love both of these!

  7. I love both of them, but the first is definitely my favorite. It has a livable, casual elegance about it, and the exterior is gorgeous!
    Have a great day, Jennifer!
    ~ Wendi


  8. These homes are gorgeous… The first house is really stunning! My sister and I used to stalk real estate too, it was fun!