Spring Flowers

Apr 5, 2013

One of my favorite things about spring is the flowers. Despite my black thumb, I can't help myself around nurseries this time of year. I picked up another rose bush since I didn't kill the one from last year and some blue salvia. I love the combination of these colors. It reminds me of a cottage garden even if it's only in one corner of my flowerbed.

 photo DSC_3029_zps6491242c.jpg

 photo DSC_3023_zpsba574014.jpg

It's also the perfect time of year for sitting on the front porch and admiring all of your hard work. After we planted these, my husband and I sat in the rockers while our little guy played in the sprinklers. We've gotten a bout of cooler weather since then, but I'm sure it will warm up again soon.

 photo DSC_3028_zps577757fe.jpg

My flowerbox desperately needed some attention, too. I decided to go with red geraniums and petunias for high impact. The geraniums are nice and tall so you can see them, and the petunias will cascade over the side of the flowerbox as they get a little bigger. I tucked a little greenery in with them too for variety.

 photo DSC_3024_zps17cf2964.jpg

My five year old is the lucky one that gets to have these outside his window. Not a bad way to wake up.

 photo DSC_3026_zps440e51b0.jpg

And, every time I turn on our street the color catches my eye and makes me smile. I'm so glad I went with bright colors. Now, let's just hope they last!

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  1. Wonderfully crisp and always interesting!

  2. I tried a window box upstairs once. I kept forgetting to water it. :/ I love your comment about the rose bush. I can relate. My husband brought me one last year and it is doing great, despite the fact I forgot about it all winter because I put it on the side of the porch that isn't right under my nose, and we got hardly any rain so it never got watered. I'll be getting more too. I will stick with anything that'll grow here.

    1. I'm bad about forgetting to water the window box upstairs, too. I'm hoping this year will be different!

  3. Wow! You really have spring! We are not even close it seems

    1. It's normally really warm here, but we had a weird cold snap yesterday. It was one of the lowest temps for that day recorded. It's nice and sunny today, about 70. That's still a little cool for this time of year, but I'm happy with it!

  4. LOVE the window box! There's something so cheerful about red geraniums. :)

    1. Thanks! Most of the homes in my neighborhood were orginally built with flowerboxes, but people are removing them as they get their homes painted. Crazy! It's amazing how eye catching the red gerantiums are. I notice them every time I turn on our street.

  5. Love your window box and the colors you planted. Complements the color of your house and shutters so well. Have a great weekend. Try to relax for a bit :)

  6. Pretty! I love happy flowers like geraniums. Looks so inviting!

  7. Love the window box and roses are always a favourite!!
    have a great Sunday! We have just started our autumn but we are still having nice weather!
    best wishes

  8. Yeah so funny how some people just naturally have green thumbs. My friend Richie has the greenest thumb, I don't know how he does it. He just knows where to plant everything, the low growing flowers along the walk, the mid height ones, the tall ones, the bushy ones, the ones that need sun, the ones that don't. I remember when he bought his house and the front yard was all dirt and old tires and now it looks like an English garden or something out of a Martha Stewart magazine.

    Ali of


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