Palm Beach Style: Lilly Pulitzer

Apr 8, 2013

Iconic designer Lilly Pulitzer died yesterday at the age of 81. She rose to fame after Jacqueline Kennedy, an old schoolmate, wore one of her dresses. The best part is that the dress was made out of kitchen curtain fabric. I could see one of you awesome DIY bloggers doing something like that. I don't know many fashion designers that are single-handedly responsible for an entire fashion movement and lifestyle. If you've ever been to Palm Beach, FL you know what I mean by it being a lifestyle. The minute I stepped on Worth Avenue I felt the need to don something pastel pink with palm trees printed on it.

large image view

Are the mom and daughter Barbies not the cutest things ever?


  1. A true icon who will be sorely missed in our world!

  2. What a nice tribute. Love the colors and styles.

  3. Such a loss - just adored her style and never tired of the great colors and patterns of her clothing. I am the biggest fan of her maxi dresses!!