Mother's Day Gift Guide

Apr 24, 2013

Isn't jewelry always your first thought when you think about a Mother's Day gift? No? It is mine, lol. It doesn't have to be expensive...

Necklace, Layla Grace $32

...but, sometimes it does.

9-10mm Pearl Earrings from Tiffany's, $250

If you give a woman jewelry then she'll want something to put it in.

ZGallerie Patricia and Gloria Jewelry Boxes, $24.95-26.95

Every woman should have a cute cell phone case. It's a rule.

kate spade new york 'la pavillion' iPhone 5 case

Cell Phone Case, Kate Spade $40

Personalized Cell Phone Case, Layla Grace $45

If you want to splurge a little or have a wife with a birthday right around Mother's Day ;)

Current Image

Tory Burch Clutch, $350 (Whispering...You can get this at the outlet much cheaper)

If you really have no clue what to get the woman in your life, but you know a gift card isn't going to go over well then try something edible, or pretty flowers.

Life isn't always diamonds and rose, but it should be. Sorry, I could not help myself.

I prefer my flowers in a pretty planter these days.

What do I want for Mother's Day?

followed by...

I think this is probably what every mother really wants for Mother's Day.


  1. Great list, I'd be so happy to receive any of these. But you hit the nail on the head with those last two!

  2. AWESOME items! I *LOVE* those boxes!!

  3. Yes, sleeping in and hitting the beach with a drink my hand! Lets do it!