Another Awkward Niche Gets a Makeover

Apr 17, 2013

Remember my post about decorating around awkward niches? I even showed you the crazy built-in tv nook next to our fireplace that we made into a bookcase. But, I didn't show you the most awkward niche in our house. I have to admit it had me stumped forever. What the heck is it? A shelf? A plant nook? Argh! We called it "the ledge" and it became a bit of a catch-all as you can see. This is the only picture I could find of it. Excuse the mess, we were putting baseboards in that day. You can see why I never took a picture of it before. It's not exactly a fabulous feature.

 photo DSC_2714_zpsf73cef75.jpg

So, after years of thought I decided it could be the perfect computer desk for the kids. It's in the game room and off all of our bedrooms. I can easily see what the kids are looking at online from my room or I could just wait for the kids to tell on each other since it's open to their rooms as well. They're helpful like that. Last weekend, we finally hacked into "the ledge" with a saw to make it a desk.

 photo DSC_3041_zpsaa20fa2e.jpg

 photo DSC_3042_zps55e512f5.jpg

The best part is we didn't have to buy any wood. We were able to reuse the piece we cut and just bring it down to a desk level. Then we trimmed out the front with a piece of wood and added quarter round around the back. Easy peasy. Okay, it looked easy from where I was standing behind my husband. I would have sawed off my finger.

 photo DSC_3059_zps6794e040.jpg

 photo DSC_3057_zps0ffae8ac.jpg

 photo DSC_3058_zps379d7418.jpg

I like that you don't see the desk when you are walking up the stairs. I can pretty up the top shelf, which is visible from the dining room and keep the desk area hidden behind the wall. The desk top is small since we cut it in half and only fits a laptop, but that's really only what the kids need up here since all of their crafty stuff stays in the kitchen and homework is done in the dining room.

As you can see it's been painted, too. Because I've been so busy lately, I decided to hire someone to come in and paint the game room. I know I could have done it just as well (okay, almost as well), but it would have taken me forever to get to it. Remember the stairs I was painting? You can see them taped off in this picture, lol. They're halfway done at least. I had to stop to get the game room ready for the painters and can't start again until they are finished. On the upside, my house has stayed amazingly clean this week since I haven't been working on a project. Maybe I'll take a break from big projects after this? Hahaha! Well, it sounds good doesn't it?

I have some more ideas for the desk area, but I want to see how the it functions once we get the chair and computer in first. One thing we forgot to do is drill a hole in the desk top for the computer cord before it was painted. Ahhh! We can do it later, but I see touch up paint in my future. The painters will be done today so I should have some pictures for you Friday. Excitement!


  1. Very clever use of space! I love how you refer to the boys as "helpful like that" when telling on each other. Ha! Your house is looking so nice.

  2. Brilliant! I don't know why builders add those strange niches and cutouts and all those kinds of things, but I guess that's why people hire us! Enjoy your weekend!

  3. Ok that is a FANTASTIC use of the space! I was think a table, demilune maybe....but yours is WAY better!

  4. You guys worked it so perfectly! I love it.