Spring Break Update & Guest Post: How to Have Fun Re-purposing Furniture

Mar 11, 2013

Greetings from Destin, Florida!

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I'm typing this from my balcony overlooking the beach. It can't get much better than this! We were busy little bees yesterday. We visited the town of Seaside, spent some time at the pool, and made sandcastles on the beach. And, that's only on our first full day here. I can't wait to see what the rest of the week brings! If you want to see more pictures, follow me on Instagram at Classic Style Home.

While I'm finally getting some much needed R&R, I'm pleased to announce a really cool guest post about repurposing furniture from Eva Stephen for shop4furniture.net. These are definitely creative, pinterest-worthy DIY projects.


Not having enough money to buy all the furniture and home equipment we want isn’t exactly fun, but it doesn’t have to be a deal breaker. As long as you are not one of those people who break everything they touch and are always surprised by such rare talent, you can do almost anything in your home on a budget.

If you want to have fun with your partner, kids, friends, or even all by yourself – why not? – all you need is some nice paint, old furniture, pieces of old barn wood and items you never thought could come in handy: broken bicycle, old car tyre, plain white lamp, cheap tub from a yard sale, etc.

Grab an idea online

If you visit a few home d├ęcor blogs or YouTube tutorials, you’ll see there’s amazing amount of things you can do in your home. Some people explain what to do very thoroughly, step by step, and some only give you a photo of a finished project. This becomes a challenge to come up with ways to get to that finished project, which can be fun of the sort: let’s crack the case of how the chandelier got to be so glittering!

Use what you’ve got creatively

Let’s say you got new windows a while ago, but you still have your old windows lying around in the basement. Why not use them? With some paint, a piece of wood for the bottom and wheels (perhaps taken from an old suitcase), you’ll get a very interesting living room coffee table showcasing your reading material for the week.
 photo Pic1eva_zps6ac3932d.jpg

If your basement hides more surprises than just that one old window, you’re in luck. Find some old pieces of wood and put together a dresser that can be placed anywhere you need it. If you are short of a spot for your collection of alcohol beverages, turn this into a dresser-bar. If you need a place for books, there it is. If you cat doesn’t have a place to sleep, put some comfy baskets and pillows on the lower part of the dresser, and she’s all settled.

 photo Pic2eva_zps5e7336db.jpg


Bold colours over bold ideas

Find an old single bed at a yard sale, have someone skilled help you to cut it just like in the photo and paint it some bold colour: turquoise, fuchsia, purple, or bright yellow. Surround it with plants, cover it with pillows and you’ve got a perfectly presentable bench.

 photo Pic3eva_zps5f8e3c9e.jpg

If cutting beds exceeds your capabilities, there are smaller but equally fun projects you could do with old, useless objects lying around the house. Find an old bucket that was used only for soaking sponges whilst cleaning the house and turn it into a beautiful vase. Wash it, paint it, fill it with pretty flowers and let it live a fairytale.

 photo Pic4eva_zpsb591338a.jpg

Another simple, yet fantastic idea is to cut a ladder into two parts and make a book shelf out of it. You can paint it some unexpected colour or leave it just as it is, to get that vintage, trendy look.
 photo Pic5eva_zpsa91894e9.jpg

From words to deeds

Once you start searching for ideas, it might be difficult to stop. They are so many interesting ones: turning bathtub into sofas, using an old bicycle as lower part of a sink or table, creating a swing seat out of an old car tire…

Don’t let this onslaught of ideas be your excuse for not beginning with work. The sooner you start redecorating, the sooner your home will transform into a prettier place.


About the Author: This is a guest post contributed by Shop4furniture.net that is an online resource for bedroom furniture, dining sets, living room furniture, recliner sofas and chairs.



  1. I love unique decorating ideas like these repurposed pics. That bed bench is brilliant! Hope you're enjoying your break!

    1. I love the color of that bench, too. Thank you, we are all having so much fun.

  2. These are fantastic ideas! I hope you are enjoying the vacation Jennifer!

    1. Thanks! I'm enjoying myself so much that I don't want to come back, lol.

  3. Wow, those are great ideas! Nice pic of you and the boys, enjoy the rest of the break!

  4. Thanks all for liking my ideas. :)

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