Guest Post: Easy Tips on Maintaining Your Laminate Floors

Mar 14, 2013

As you know, I recently had laminate floors installed upstairs.

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I wasn't exactly sure how to care for them in the beginning and remember holding my breath when using my Swiffer Wet jet on them for the first time. I was contacted shortly after having them installed by Erin about a guest post on how to care for laminate floors. Perfect! Even if you don't have them yourself, it's a good post to refer back to in case you or someone you know decides to install them.

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Laminate flooring continues to soar in popularity. It's priced quite low, it looks great, and installation is a snap. It's designed so beautifully that many people can't visually distinguish between solid hardwood flooring and the laminated equivalent. Laminates do offer bang for their buck, but it's more than just a pretty face. Laminate flooring is durable. Here are some easy tips for maintaining the showroom new appearance of your laminate floor:

Manufacturers Know

This might seem obvious, but read the flooring information provided by the manufacturer. Warranty and care instructions are often loaded with great tips. Some manufacturers may recommend certain products over others.

After Installation

Newly installed floors may have short-term specific care needs. Ask the installers if the floor needs to be treated specially for the first 24 to 48 hours after installation. A wait may be suggested before mopping the floor for the first time.

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Avoid Puddles

Some flooring is more moisture resistant than others, but avoid liquid puddles on any laminate floor. Wipe up all spills as quickly as possible. A damp mop can work, but a wet mop should always be avoided. Excess moisture has the potential to seep below the surface. It could work its way into the planks and cause the floors to warp.


Laminates don't have the same type of finish as hardwood flooring. The finish on a laminate floor doesn't require waxing. It doesn't require application of acrylic floor finishes. Application of those products could actually dull or damage the laminate surface. Simple vacuuming or damp mopping is all that's needed.

Stain Removal

It isn't likely that the floor will stain. If it does, first check if the manufacturer suggests specific stain removal products. Some may recommend acetone to remove things like nail polish. Careful application of mineral spirits may be required for petroleum type stains from road tar or automotive grease. Before using any of these, regardless of recommendations, always test harsh stain removers in an inconspicuous location first. If anything goes wrong, the damage will at least be hidden.

Grit, Sand and Traffic

Laminates are tough, but they can only take so much abuse. In high traffic areas grit and sand can eventually scratch the surface finish. Once it becomes scratched, the surface will appear slightly dull. Add doormats at entry points to the house. Encourage people to thoroughly wipe their feet. Consider removing outdoor shoes upon entering the house. Keep house slippers handy for all those who come into the house. Not only will the floors look better, but there will be far less cleaning to be done throughout the house.

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Sliding furniture around can mar any floor. Buy some inexpensive protective buttons to apply to the feet of furniture. Most hardware stores should have them. If you're moving refrigerators, stoves or couches, consider getting a furniture dolly. It not only can save your floor, but it could save your back too.

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It's easy to see why so many people love their laminate floors. Care involves only common sense. Today's green cleaning products can work extremely well with laminates. No other flooring products can match them in looks, price and ease of care.




  1. Thank you so much for the timely tips. Our son in law is installing them in their home as we speak and we are seriously considering them as our next project.

  2. Thanks for the tips....I didn't know this. I have always had the real deal, but I have a client that has these floors. I will pass it on.

  3. Good to know! We have wood floors downstairs but they are so scratched up with our big dog and her just walking and running around, her claws have scratched them up. I've been considering laminate upstairs but wondering how they do with dogs compared to wood floors.

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  5. Thanks for providing these easy and effective tips on maintaining laminate floors! Now, those who want to install laminates in their homes will not feel hesitant to get this type of flooring.

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