Great Beachside Towns: Seaside, Watercolor and Sandestin

Mar 18, 2013

You just knew I was going to have pictures, didn't you? Don't worry, I won't bore you with pictures of the most precious kids on earth. That's what Instagram is for, lol.

If you remember, I did a post about Watercolor, FL recently. I didn't realize Seaside and Watercolor are literally right next door to each other. Watercolor is quite a bit smaller and the homes are painted in neutral colors rather than the pastels of Seaside. Both are so quaint and perfect. You know that perfect beach town you imagine in your head? Yeah, that's it.


 photo DSC_2845_zps9eb73aeb.jpg

 photo DSC_2841_zps5fc50eb4.jpg

 photo DSC_2839_zpsc03a6330.jpg

 photo DSC_2840_zps99b0b3f8.jpg

 photo DSC_2838_zps005b4cc3.jpg

 photo DSC_2847_zps340e9392.jpg

 photo DSC_2848_zpsafc51971.jpg

Even the food trailers are cute.

 photo DSC_2835_zps6ee22709.jpg

 photo DSC_2831_zps3e431e92.jpg

A nice spot to drink coffee and plan your day

 photo DSC_2829_zps3105287f.jpg

Great shopping

 photo DSC_2818_zps07864398.jpg

My kids could have spent all day on these bouncy ducks.

 photo DSC_2827_zps10a73d6e.jpg

The cutest post office ever!

 photo DSC_2817_zps80323d0c.jpg

We did find it funny that most of the license plates in Seaside were from Texas. I was asked if we got together and planned a massive spring break to Florida, lol.

Making the three second drive to Watercolor...

 photo DSC_2849_zpsbc9fff1f.jpg

 photo DSC_2850_zps9555b5ea.jpg

 photo DSC_2853_zpsc236e430.jpg

There weren't as many stores, but it wasn't as busy as Seaside either. A few miles further down the street is another cute shopping area in Grayton Beach. We saw a lot of people jogging or riding their bikes there, probably for the Starbucks. ;)

 photo DSC_2854_zps2cb3aaf6.jpg

We stayed about twenty minutes away in Sandestin, a golf and tennis resort. It reminds me so much of Ka'anapali Beach and Wailea in Maui. It definitely has that resort feel with beautiful landscaped grounds, golf courses and high rise condos. Oh, and the tiki bar! I can't forget the tiki bar.

 photo IMG_0669_zpse828db94.jpg

I was happy to discover a shopping and restaurant area across the street called Baytowne Wharf.

 photo DSC_2878_zpsddfa9267.jpg

I had no idea my son was sticking out his tongue in this picture until I uploaded it. Isn't he charming?

My kids immediately spotted the adventure zone area.

 photo DSC_2895_zps3e667de3.jpg

I decided to let my 10 year old try this zipline. The only instruction I gave him was to hold on and not let go even though there was a harness. So, what did he do?

 photo DSC_2889_zpsf6a9fee0.jpg

He let go, of course.

Then, this guy had to try something.

 photo DSC_2910_zps44e1d35d.jpg

This was actually pretty tame. It's just a trampoline he's jumping on.

The kids also wanted to try this, but my heart was about to give out after the zipline.

 photo DSC_2879_zps751ae90b.jpg

I talked them into checkers.

 photo DSC_2881_zpsda0fa9b5.jpg

My kids had a great time and are already asking to go back. I think they had more fun here than they did at Disney World. I did not expect that!

One last picture...

 photo DSC_2811_zps48049b08.jpg

Say it with me,"Ahhhh...."

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  1. Wow, Jennifer, what a beautiful vacation spot! Watercolor and Seaside are so charming. It looks like you chose the perfect resort for entertaining the boys. Hope you had fun, too!

    1. We all had so much fun! As pretty as Seaside and Watercolor are, I think we'll just visit in the future. It was just a little too busy, and the ocean views from our condo, resort pool with the tiki bar, and proximity to the beach just couldn't be beat. We're even thinking about staying in the same condo because it was just so perfect.

  2. Jealous!!!!! But happy for you too :)

    1. If you could have experience the car ride there you wouldn't be jealous, lol.

  3. AHHHHH! I love the pictures, I could at least live the beach life vicariously through you for a few moments. :) I love the picture of your boys in that huge chair with one of your sons sticking out his tongue. I think that's my favorite one. So cute! It looks like a beautiful relaxing vacation.

    1. It was such a relaxing vacation. I could have stayed there another week. I hope we can find time this summer to go back. That little stinker sticks his tongue out in almost every picture!

  4. Never been to Florida, but I think you have me convinced. Love those food trailers!

    1. Aren't they cute? I love that area because not only is the sand and sea pretty, but the shopping and restaurants are great, too.

  5. What a great place to go....looks like you had a great time.

  6. I am just catching up on your blog, but man... your vacation looks awesome. I am extremely jealous right now as I sit in my freezing cold, snow covered house :)