Moving On to the Game Room

Feb 8, 2013

Now, that my master bedroom is done (minus a few minor details) it's time to move on to the next project! The boys playroom game room needs a serious makeover. I've asked the kids what they would like to see in the room and I got two answers from them, a Houston Texans or an Xbox theme. That's not exactly what I had in mind since this is the room you first enter from the stairs. I'd like to blend it in with the rest of the house, but I still want to make them happy. I know my oldest two aren't thrilled with the transportation theme going on.

Here's a picture of how it looks now. We've since installed new dark laminate floors, which are pretty but it makes the room look a lot darker than before. I know that photo frame is hung really high. I planned on doing a collage around it. Ha! That never happened!

The Ikea Klippan couch is going to stay, but I may get a new cover for it. During my four hour Ikea shopping bonanza last weekend I took a look at the different options for covers-white, natural, turquoise, red, black, banana yellow, and a crazy psychedelic print. The only color I'm really drawn to is the turquoise, but I don't think the boys would be too thrilled. I did happen to stumble on this website,, that offers custom Ikea slipcovers. That opened up quite a few possibilities.

We also have an Ikea Expedit that's used as a tv console across from the couch. It's not pictured here. It's a brown-black color, but it could easily be painted.

So, this is my plan so far.

Paint the walls
New Baseboards
New Window and Door Casings

What I might need:

New Slipcover
Paint the TV Console
New Fan (No Chandelier since we're in TX!)

At least there isn't much to buy! I just need to decide on a theme/color scheme. Here are some inspiration pictures I've been pinning away lately.

Pinned Image

Maybe some stripes on the wall?

Pinned Image

Or woodwork if I'm feeling really adventurous...

Pinned Image

What I really want!

Pinned Image

Pinned Image

This is one design my older son and I agreed on. I don't see this happening!

Pinned Image

The boys dream room, an Xbox Studio.

Pinned Image
Unknown Source

I don't think the game room will be as exciting as most of these, but they're fun to look at and pick up ideas!


  1. I think stripes on the wall will make a huge impact! Fun to do, too! I did some in my foyer and they changed the whole look of the space. Good luck!

    1. Everyone I talk to seems to love the idea of stripes on the wall, too. I may have to go that route. I've seen them in foyers and it's a great look. I bet yours looks fabulous!

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