House Tweaking

Feb 11, 2013

It's a rainy, cool day and I'm taking full advantage of not having to go out by staying home and puttering around the house. I can't remember the last time I've had a day off from work, errands, etc. Okay, I really do have a huge to do list, but I'm ignoring it right now.

I found myself rearranging my living room this morning "just to see" how it would look with the loveseat moved across from the couch. Then, I decided to tweak my mantle and bookcase a bit. I've never actually styled my bookcase and I'm well aware of how wonky it looks. It's on the to do list. Here, is what my living room looked like before.

I've always been annoyed by how heavy the left side of the room looks. I used to have a sofa table behind the loveseat to break up the brown, but it looked odd. I think it's because the half wall is already there. It's almost like having two tables butted up next to each other.


Ahh! I love all that brown leather broken up! This new layout comes with a couple of new challenges. The biggest problem with this arrangement is that the tv can't be viewed from the loveseat. But, I moved the chair from the corner to compensate, so I'm really only out one seat. I don't see it as a problem, but we'll see what my husband says when he gets home from his business trip. Just in case he complains I've already halfway thought of a solution. I've never cared for the huge cutout over the bookcase. Wouldn't that be a perfect spot to build in a tv? Since I only supervise the woodwork I might be outvoted by the one who does the actual building. It would be easier to just raise the tv a few inches and call it done. We'll see!

A second problem is that the rug is too short causing the furniture arrangement to look a little awkward. I cropped out the floor to make sure it wasn't the arrangement I didn't like.

Yep, it's the rug that's the problem. It doesn't look nearly as awkward this way. That's okay. I've been wanting a patterned rug anyway. Maybe a stripe? And no matter what, I'm getting rid of that damn fan! It's such an eyesore! This is probably the only room we don't use it because it's always so much cooler than the rest of the house. These ceilings are really low so I'm going to have to find a fixture that doesn't hang low, but it needs to be wide enough to fit the scale of the room. That might be a challenge.

I like seeing into the room from the kitchen, too.

Sorry, these pics aren't the best because it's so dreary outside.

It just feels more comfortable arranged this way. Plus, I like being able to sit in my upholstered chair instead of the leather.

I'm claiming the chair.

I also tried out this side table I bought on sale a few months ago next to the loveseat. It might work for now.

I've been wanting to add yellow to this room for some time. I planned on buying pillows, but I realized I already had some yellow florals from my fall decor that would go great on the mantel.

I like it!

I'd love to see the reflection of a pretty light fixture instead of the ceiling fan in the mirror though. I have to say I need the rug and chandelier regardless of the furniture arrangement, so this was a zero dollar makeover. That's the best kind!


  1. OMG this proves how you HAVE to move furniture around, rather than just trying to visualize it. It looks awesome. I SO love the new arrangement, and think with a bigger rug it is going to be perfect (although I don't mind the rug the way you do, but I know we are all pickier in our own homes. I suffer from this to great distress!!)

    1. Yes! The best part is if you don't like the arrangement, you just move it back. I've been meaning to replace this rug for a while, but I've just been too busy to look. This just motivates me!

  2. I like visually looks better and has a better flow to it! Good job....