Game Room Plans: Thinking Out Loud

Feb 19, 2013

It's so hard to type game room instead of play room, but the reality is that my boys don't play with anything other than video games now. That includes my youngest son who just turned five. I'm guessing he's going to grow up faster than normal with two older brothers despite my best efforts to keep him little. My oldest son is only ten, but acts like he's sixteen. He had a friend over yesterday and I swear they were in a contest to see who could say "dude" the most while playing xbox. I suppose I should just roll with it and give them the play room game room they want. But, I've nixed the Call of Duty posters on the walls. The game room is an open area at the top of the stairs and while it may be their domain I want to make sure it fits in with the rest of the house.

The plan so far.

We're keeping the Ikea couch. I'm not loving the slipcovers out right now so we may just keep the denim one we already have. Remember this picture?

Here's the game room with the new floors and we're almost done with the baseboards and new door casing. We still need to frame in the window. I thought about cleaning up the tv console, but picturing it this way reminds me to do something about their video game storage! This room was perfectly clean yesterday, but between the video games, books, and foot smudges on the floor it's messy again. It inspired me to get a rug asap and then I had a 10% off coupon from Overstock in my email, so it was just fated that I should get a rug regardless of my indecision over how to decorate this room.

I bought this navy chevron rug because it blends with what we have now, but it will go with almost any other sofa slipcover I may use instead-neutral, white, or red. It's 6x9 so it will fit nicely under the couch and will butt up right next to the console. No more smudgy floors!

The next decision to make is the paint color. It's so dark in the room now with the new floors, so I'm thinking something nice and bright. The stripes are out now since I have the chevron rug. It would have been cute, but I was not looking forward to painting them! I'm leaning toward green walls after seeing some cute kids rooms done in navy and green.

Pottery Barn Kids

What I'd really love to do is cover the red wall with horizontal white planks and then paint the other walls green. My husband said he is DONE with woodwork after this last project. I can't say I blame him...but, it would look nice. Yes, he reads this. ;)

Also, in case you're wondering about my stair project, I'm still working on figuring out a stain to match the floors. Argh! I'll be mixing stains together today (again) to try and get the right color. I'm almost at the point of giving up and painting them black like I had initially planned. I'll keep you updated!


  1. Your games room is coming along nicely, Jennifer. It looks like it's open to other areas of the house, so why not continue whatever wall colour you have in the connecting space (I'm making the assumption that it's a neutral biege/tan?) and paint the accent wall Indigo to match your new rug. Then you can bring in some green with cushions and accessories. Just a thought... I'm sure whatever you decide to do will look great.
    Have a good day, and have fun decorating!
    ~ Wendi

    1. I wish there were connecting spaces or hallways, but that's it upstairs except the doors to the bedrooms. It would be a lot quieter if there were hallways! I'll have more pics up when my husband finishes the mouldings so the rest of it is visible. The tan and indigo are good ideas, especially since no woodwork or priming would be involved! I'll have to consider that one when the rug comes in. Thanks!

  2. I remember the "dude" phase and chuckling at how many time they used to "dude" one another. :) I like your plans, especially the white planked wall (sorry, Jennifer's husband, but it is a great idea!) with green on the other wall. It would go great with the navy chevron rug. Love the combo of green, white, and navy. The dudes would probably approve too. :) Sharon

  3. My hubby would say the same thing! He doesn't want any hard jobs...just wants to relax on the weekend! Its coming along nicely...

  4. I really love that rug, and can't wait to see what you do with the paint and everything else! It's great to see other people's creative processes

  5. I love the idea of the white planks! Did you install the hardwood floor yourselves? They look great! I want to install hardwood in my bedroom, but I'm a little afraid of diy-ing it!

    1. We hired someone this time. I wanted that floor down quickly and knew it wouldn't happen if we did it, lol. It's just click and lock laminate, so it goes down pretty easy though. I think the tricky part is if you have any low spots.