Spray Painting Hardware

Jan 30, 2013

I'm having the hardest time deciding on pulls and knobs for my new nightstands and dresser for my master bedroom redo. I have a few options that I keep holding up and asking everyone what they think. Of course, everyone has a different opinion!

One of the options are these knobs and bar pull from Lowe's. I'm not crazy about the stainless steel finish so I decided to spray paint them gold to match my new mirror above the bed. If you follow me on facebook, it's the starburst mirror from Home Depot I posted about.

I have heard of people spray painting their doorknobs oil rubbed bronze with good results, so I figured there's no reason the metallic gold shouldn't hold up on drawer hardware. That's my hope, anyway! I was able to google images of furniture and accessories that were painted with Rustoleum metallic gold paint on my phone in the middle of Wal-Mart to make sure I liked the color before buying it. All of the images I found were from blogs, of course! I thought it was the perfect color from the pictures.

To get an even coat I decided to screw in the hardware to a board before painting them.

My husband made holes with a special drill bit while I made sure he didn't drill a hole in the granite. ;)

I love the color so far! It's still drying in the backyard as I'm typing this.

It's windy outside so I grabbed a couple of nerf guns nearby to hold down the edges of the plastic bag.

I'm not quite sure if I'm going to use these. I'll have to hold them up to the dresser and ask at least five more people what they think.

I also have these Anthropologie glass knobs that I love. They might be a little "blingy" for my taste. I think it's because they are so large. Maybe if they were smaller? Argh! I just can't decide! I will decide by Sunday though. I'm giving myself a deadline.

I should be completely done with the bedroom this weekend. I can't wait to show you pictures next week!

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