Christmas and a Little DIY

Dec 26, 2012

I hope everyone had a very merry Christmas! I had a great time celebrating the holiday with my family. On Christmas Eve, we had my side of the family come over for dinner and to exchange presents. It's always such a fun night with lots of food and drinks. I never got around to the silver and gold tablescape I had planned on, but I didn't stress about it until I realized the only tablecloth I had left was my orange one from Thanksgiving. That wasn't going to work! I ran up to Target and found a silver and gold one on clearance for under $9. I was absolutely thrilled. I had nothing else to go with it so I started pulling all sorts of decor from other parts of the house. Here's the result!

 photo DSC_2409_zpsfb1b9633.jpg

 photo DSC_2419_zps3d13adbd.jpg

 photo DSC_2425_zps267ed1d2.jpg

I was able to reuse the napkins and runner from Thanksgiving since they're gold. I grabbed the mercury glass candleholders from the mantel and you couldn't even notice they were missing because of the obscene amount of decor I had piled on there. The glass hurricanes had colored ornaments in them so I replaced those with pinecone vase filler from the family room and poured sugar on top to fit the theme. My family thought this was a brilliant idea, but for those that are pinterest followers you're probably nodding your head and thinking that's what you would have done, too. The huge snowflakes are from the Christmas tree and since those weren't obviously missing from the tree I left them on the centerpiece all through Christmas. It's still hard to believe that I pulled this off in about 10-15 minutes!

I have to say my Holiday Gift Guide: For Her post was a great way to let people know what I wanted for Christmas! I was pleasantly surprised to find a few of those items under the tree for me. Maybe I should do a "What to Get For Her Birthday Gift Guide" when my birthday rolls around?

Here's the Anthropologie apron I thought was so adorable that I got from my brother and his girlfriend.

 photo DSC_2455_zps314fa522.jpg
My husband surprised me with the Kindle Paperwhite I wanted even though I had already picked up that ZGallerie fur throw that was on my list for him to give me (because I'm helpful like that). I was a very happy girl this year! I'm sure my husband is happy now that he can go to sleep with the light off while I'm reading from my new kindle, too.

The only member of our family that was not happy on Christmas Eve was our new puppy, Mario. I bought him the cutest little Santa sweater, but he was not thrilled to say the least. He immediately became flat as a pancake and thought he couldn't move with it on. He stayed like this until we took it off. Don't worry, it only took him seconds to recover from his "pancake syndrome."

 photo DSC_2426_zpsa8fafe11.jpg

And, I have to share my good deal with you. I got these champagne flutes at Ikea a couple of weeks ago and they were on sale, two for $5. I don't know if they still have them, but they would be perfect for New Year's Eve. They remind me of the Kate Spade ones that are much more than $2.50 each.

 photo DSC_2434_zps111270b4.jpg

One thing I love about Christmas Eve is that it's the only night of the year my kids will go to bed without argument since Santa doesn't bring kids presents until they go to sleep. My four year old son climbed right in his bed without us even telling him. That NEVER happens. Of course, that means they were up bright and early the next day to see what Santa brought them while Mom and Dad were exhausted from a long night up.

 photo DSC_2471_zps94863897.jpg

See that carpet? It is being ripped up as I type. I can't wait to show you our DIY staircase redo. The top half is already done and ready to be painted.

Then, the kids finally got to open their presents after waiting what they think is forever!

 photo DSC_2484_zps7ec1d445.jpg

 photo DSC_2495_zps7a529708.jpg

They couldn't wait to show Mario his first Christmas present ever!

 photo DSC_2502-1_zpsb61c3480.jpg

Then, we started the procession to other relative's homes to open more presents and eat even more food! It was great. My wallet is lighter and my waistband is tighter. Well, maybe that part isn't so great, but we'll recover because we really don't go overboard with presents and I try to indulge only on Christmas Eve and Christmas Day. We have more important things to do with all those dollars, like installing new wood on our stairs!

 photo DSC_2403_zps5900a5d5.jpg

How crazy are we to start this the day before Christmas Eve? Oh, well. DIYers don't stop for Christmas, right?



  1. Everything looks great, but I really love your puppy! I had the same kind growing up :)

    1. They're great dogs, aren't they? Mario is such a show stealer, lol.