How to Trim a Tree with Ribbon

Nov 27, 2012

I don't know if I've mentioned it, but I am not a crafty person. It's one of the reason I have sent all three of my kids preschool. They can get all their crafty business done there. Don't feel bad for me. I've compensated by being really good at buying things.

One thing I've never been good at is putting ribbon on my Christmas tree. I've tried it going vertical and horizontal, but it never looks right. I couldn't figure out how they get the ribbon so perfect on the trees in the department stores. I happened to be in a department store a couple of months ago and noticed a few trees were already up. No one was around so I decided to do a little research...for my blog. I tore apart a department store Christmas tree for you! Not really. But, I did rifle through that tree and push a few ornaments around to see how that ribbon was done. Those department store elves are pretty smart because they stapled or wired that ribbon so it would not move. But, what I noticed is that the ribbon is cut in a three foot sections with a bow in the middle. It is not a continuous ribbon from top to bottom.

I tried it on my tree this year. I cut ribbons in three foot sections and gathered a bow in the middle. The bows were a little overwhelming for my small tree, so I just did a little gathering in the middle of the ribbon. It's three little loops secured with a staple.

 photo DSC_2309_zps1b0b7e62.jpg

 photo DSC_2308_zpsd934aafc.jpg
You could also make a bow instead, but keep the scale of your tree in mind when deciding how large to make it.

Here is one of the 3ft sections in the tree with the ends of the ribbon going in a vertical direction.

 photo DSC_2313_zps58f8d4f0.jpg

I like to twist the ribbon to create loops as I wind it through the tree.

 photo DSC_2307_zps05459381.jpg

 photo DSC_2311_zps7a894260.jpg

I'm not quite done with the tree yet, but I hope this helps if you've struggled with the ribbon like I have. Happy Decorating!


  1. Bahahahha! That's my favorite line ever - "I've compensated by being good at buying things." I have to use that one, as i can TOTALLY relate :)

  2. What a great idea on that ribbon. I too would just love to strip a department store tree down to see how they do it. I'm going to have to try your idea next year since my tree is already up and I'm hating my ribbon. The best tip I've continually used (by Martha of course) is to push my tree lights into the tree and not just on the outside to really layer up the tree. The illumination is so much better.
    I love your tree, great post.

    1. Ribbons are tough! I used three this year and added two of them after I already decorated it because it was missing something. It makes all the difference. I can't wait to take pics and show everyone!