Halloween Block Party

Nov 1, 2012

Whew! I had so much fun yesterday, but I'm so glad Halloween is over. I went from work to my son's boosterthon run, to the grocery store, and then to my house so I could clean and get ready for a block party I hosted in my driveway. I'm still tired, but it was so worth it because we had a blast.

First, I'm so proud of my son for running more than 35 laps at his Boosterthon yesterday. The laps aren't huge, but it was really warm yesterday so the kids were super sweaty and tired. Here he is after he finished. He smelled how he looks in this picture. Eek!

Photo: Dylan did 35+ laps today at his school's boosterthon run today!

I'm sure those kids stunk up that classroom when they went back inside!

Then, it was time to get ready for the par-tay! I had absolutely done nothing and we had people coming over in about four hours. I made a mad dash for the grocery store, cooked, cleaned, set up, and got the Halloween costumes ready just in time. I may have been a little sweaty and still in yoga pants, but I did it!

Here's my soldier and little Luigi. My older son had already taken off with his friends to trick or treat, but I got a picture of him later.

Here's my oldest dressed as a Texans football player. I told him to change his underwear to something lighter, but he thought it was funny to wear black underwear with white pants. Whatever!

A few of the neighbors... 

I was so impressed with the chocolate covered cherries that looked like mice. I'll have to make these next year. I know the ears are slivers of almonds. I'm not sure what they eyes are made of, but I'll find out.

And these Frankenstein marshmallows were super cute, too.

Then, it was time to go trick or treating! We only took my little guy while my older two boys went with friends. I missed them this year, but I know it's more fun to go in a group of friends.

My favorite picture.

He wasn't too sure about the ghosts at this house, but he braved them!

He had so much fun! I was so happy my shy guy said trick or treat and thank you. He must have really wanted that candy!

I think the adults had just as much fun as the kids. It was so nice to hang out with everyone, and enjoy some good food and drinks. I'm hoping we'll do it again next year!

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