Christmas at Disney World

Nov 25, 2012

We're back! I think I need another vacation after a week at Disney with the kids. I love it there, but there's so much to see that it's hard to slow down. One thing I made sure to do this time is visit my two favorite resorts, The Grand Floridian and The Wilderness Lodge, so I could see their Christmas decorations. Years ago, I watched a Travel Channel show about Christmas at Disney World with Samantha Brown. I was so smitten with the decorations at these two resorts I knew I had to see them for myself one day.

Remember when I showed you a picture of The Grand Floridian a little while ago?

Ahhh! Pretty, right?

Guess who had to take a picture in the same spot?

Don't my kids look absolutely thrilled to be here? They're so happy their hoodies fell off. You know they're thinking,"Why are we here instead of riding roller coasters?!"

Beautiful! I love the swans and birdhouses in the Christmas tree.

Here's what I really came to see! It's a life size gingerbread house made of real gingerbread. How cool is that?!

I love the confection sugar that mimics snow on the roof. Inside is a store that sells gingerbread shingles. You can't go inside, but you can take a peak from the sales counter. I bought a gingerbread shingle and let's just say you should probably pass on it if you're ever here during Christmas.

The chimneys aren't just for show. Smoke really comes out of them. You can see smoke at the top of the picture.

My kids did not get a reprieve this day. We headed over to The Wilderness Lodge next.

I want to curl up on one of these sofas with a cup of coffee and my kindle.

I love the little details-the plaid ribbons, the carved bear on the bridge, and the rustic sconce.

I have to show you these adorable topiaries. They are all over the parks. I wish I had taken more pictures of them.

Stitch used to be his favorite character when he was younger. I think he must still have a soft spot for him because he didn't fight me when I wanted to take this picture.

But, if it's lights you like The Osbourne Family Lights at Hollywood Studios is just plain awesome.

That's snow falling! Well, it wasn't really snowing in Orlando, but is was on that street.

It was hard to remember we were there during Thanksgiving with all of these Christmas decorations up. We managed to do Turkey Day justice by going to The Liberty Tree Tavern in the Magic Kingdom. The colonial style restaurant was the perfect setting. Even my little guy was getting into the spirit!

I hope everyone had a wonderful Thanksgiving and got some great Black Friday deals! I'm hoping to finish up my Christmas decorations in the next couple of days so I can share them with you.

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