We're Ready for Halloween!

Oct 18, 2012

I can finally show you our outdoor Halloween decorations now that the rain has cleared up here!

My favorite is the new spider. He has a sensor and drops down on people as they walk up the front porch. Love it! The string he came with wasn't quite long enough to hang from the ceiling so we just tied a bit of fishing wire to extend it and nailed it up in the ceiling of the porch.

It pains me a little to nail anything into the woodwork. Yours truly got out a ladder last week and painted all that white woodwork on the first floor of the house, plus the flowerbox. I also hung out of the upstairs windows and painted a little bit of the trim around the windows, too. Between all of our remodeling, hanging out windows to paint trim, and taking random pictures of our house I'm sure the neighbors think we're a little strange.

Ugh, that roof. The landscapers removed the leaves yesterday that were sitting on our roof and the mess it left behind is not pretty. We're getting a new roof soon and I will not let that happen again even if it means me standing on a ladder with a blower to get the leaves off.

We also had the flowerbeds mulched and some trees trimmed up yesterday. My husband finally removed the stone pathway next to the driveway and planted sod. We could never get those stones level and everyone tripped on them. He put sod down for a quick fix. It's not the best time of year for sod, but it doesn't get that cold here so it will survive.

I picked up a few mums last week and planted them in a cluster in the flowerbed. When I got home yesterday I noticed the landscapers replanted them a little further apart. I suppose it looks better this way. My husband said they laughed when they saw them all clustered together and said they'd fix them. Did I mention gardening is NOT my thing? Oh, well! I'm just so happy we completed all of the projects I wanted done before Halloween. Now, it's time to relax!

Have a good day!


  1. Jennifer that looks so cute! my kids would be jealous :)

    1. Thanks, Stacy! The kids are having a blast with the spider. I can't wait for Halloween!