Weekend Projects

Oct 21, 2012

My weekend projects kicked off early on Friday with the purchase and installation of a new dishwasher. The "old" one never cleaned well since we bought it five years ago. It got to the point that it wouldn't clean anything so I've been handwashing dishes off and on the last few weeks while my husband tried to fix it. Not fun. We realized last week the only place for that dishwasher is the junkyard, but we've been so busy this week there was absolutely no time to think about getting a new one. Thankfully, on Friday we realized both of us had about an hour of free time so we rushed up to the store. I had already done a bit of research and knew I wanted a Whirlpool Gold. It seemed to get the best reviews for the price. It also met a major requirement of a handle so I have a place to put my dish towel. Silly, I know.

It was in stock so we bought it and loaded it up in the car to install it ourselves. Of course, nothing is ever that easy. When we got home we couldn't get the old one out. Our new floors are much higher than our old ones so it wouldn't slide out. My husband said the only way to remove it was to chip out a few tiles. I don't think so! I didn't believe him (because that's what wives do best) so I went to work getting the "feet" lowered. He thinks I'm a genius, but I watched the installer years ago and remembered how he turned the screws to raise and lower the feet. It worked and we slid it out an entire six inches before it got caught again. That's when we realized there were two more "feet" in the back. I couldn't get the pliers back there so we had to call the contractor that remodeled our house. He sent someone out on Saturday morning and he was able to rip apart enough of the dishwasher to get back to the screws. Why didn't I think of that? It's not like someone was going to use a defunct dishwasher. The really interesting part is what we found in the electrical box under the dishwasher. The wires were melted and the box was black. I'm not exactly a technical person, but that screams fire to me.


We do have one problem besides the plastic still around the handle.

It's a little bit smaller in width than the opening, which creates a tiny gap on the side. I'm hoping to center it a bit today. If that doesn't work we're going to have to use trim to close the gap. Of course, we need to make sure it cleans REALLY well first or it's going right back to the store. My husband rinsed all the dishes yesterday out of habit when we tried it out. I want to put super dirty dishes in there and see how it does.

We were busy, busy bees this weekend and also finished the credenza in the office. If you remember it looked like this:

I found these knobs at Lowe's. Aren't they cute? They remind me of The Restoration Hardware knobs I've loved for so long.

And, we installed drawers in the empty cubbies. They had the same teeny, tiny knobs too so I replaced them with pulls.

I like how they are squared off to match the knobs on the cabinets.

Storage galore! There's no excuse for a mess now. I really, really need to get on the ball and start organizing the office, but I find a million reasons to put it off. When I look at everything I need to put away it's overwhelming. Maybe just a little at a time?

I also found a cute desk chair at World Market. I'm still thinking about it, which means I'm waiting for a coupon or a sale.

I was a little concerned my husband wouldn't want to sit in a zebra striped chair so I showed him the picture online first. He said he doesn't mind, but it doesn't match the office. Face palm! Of course, it doesn't match. It coordinates. He looked at me like I was weird and said to buy whatever I like. Men!

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