Target Finds

Oct 23, 2012

I know everyone is excited about the new Nate Berkus collection at Target, but if you're like me you're more excited about what's going to be on sale to make room for it. Look what I found on Sunday.

Can you believe this table was only $35?! I have no idea if it's going to stay in the office, but it fills that corner for now. A small chair next to it would be perfect. I love the gold color, but it looks like it would be really easy to unscrew the top and spray paint it.

This sunburst mirror is small, but it's the perfect size to mix in a collage of photos and/or small pictures on a wall.

This orange tray couldn't be more perfect for my study. I love trays to corral all those little things that clutter up a tabletop. I can't wait to fill it up with a candle, picture frame, and maybe a little floral.

Don't you just love good deals?


  1. I wanted to go SO badly today but ran out of time! Glad it was worth it. I'm going to check it out tomorrow :)

  2. I love Target but haven't been to see Nate's things, I think you found some neat things!

    1. I was excited to see Nate's items too, but they were hard to find. I don't think there's that much or the women in my town wiped them out. I forgot all about it when I saw the sale sign. ;)