My Beadboard Powder Room

Oct 5, 2012

I don't have a before picture of my powder room, but just take my word for it that it was bad.  The previous owners of my house had commissioned a local artist to paint a mural on every square inch of the walls.  Our realtor let me know how great this artist was, which was her way of saying,"Don't even think about painting over it!"  I think it was supposed to be a wooded area to reflect our town, but friends and family would walk out of the bathroom asking about the Tuscan scene or the African desert theme.  Maybe the artist wanted everyone to interpret it in their own way?  Probably not.  The only bright side was that it was a conversation starter and it gave you something to ponder while doing your business.

When we had the countertops replaced in the kitchen we also replaced the powder room counter.  I couldn't stand the idea of that terrible mural coexisting with my new granite countertop.  Instead of painting the room I decided to add some type of wainscoting because that's what I do best.  Have a bare window?  I'll trim it.  A bare wall?  I'll add wainscoting.  I thought since it was such a small room that beadboard would work the best. 

 photo DSC_2267_zps1e700369.jpg

I painted the beadboard Martha Stewart's Picket Fence and the green walls are Martha Stewart's Spanish Moss.  The mirror originally had a walnut frame that I spray painted black.  We also replaced all the hardware, including the faucets, knobs, and bathroom fixtures.

 photo DSC_2268_zps78efb371.jpg

I had picked up this picture from Homegoods a long time ago and was determined to use it somewhere.  It's the reason I decided to paint this bathroom green.  I moved the green ZGallerie vase in from another room so I didn't spend much on accessories at all.  I love this little basket from Target to hold candles and other things that will combat the eau de male of this house.  Just in case you missed it I have three boys.  You can't even imagine.

The only downside of the project is that we learned the hard way that real wood beadboard swells and shifts.  My once smooth walls are starting to crack along the seams.  I'm probably going to do a quick fix with some caulk, but we're going to eventually replace all of the beadboard with MDF.  I did a little research and it seems to be a common problem.  Because of this issue we decided to go with MDF for the kitchen backsplash and it has held up beautifully.  Lesson learned!

I would definitely say it's much better than the Woodland/Tuscan/African Safari theme.


  1. Really like what you did in the bathroom! Beadboard always makes a room look finished! Great job! ;)

    1. Thank you! I think the same thing about beadboard as you can tell by the amount of rooms I use it in. ;)

  2. Spraying the walnut frame with black paint was a good idea! It matches the countertop. The style is simple but very classy. I see you are inspired by Martha Stewart, huh? Oh, and that circular metal towel holder is a nice touch.

    Herb Koguchi

  3. Where did u buy such tall bead board