Expedit Love and Office Update

Oct 13, 2012

I now proudly (or embarrassingly) own three of Ikea's Expedit bookcases. Why? Well, how many pieces of furniture can be this versatile?

swese: desk

Suzie: BHG - Fantastic media room office design with blue gray walls paint color, Ikea EXPEDIT ...
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The $69.99 price tag for this one isn't bad either.

EXPEDIT Shelving unit IKEA Finished on all sides. Can also be used as a room divider.

Here it is in the office.

I love these door inserts.

It's a great way to break up all those cubbies and hide things that aren't so pretty. I only bought two of the doors because I wasn't sure of the configuration that would work best. I played with some of the baskets from the family room and decided I liked them on the ends of the bookcase. Of course, this means I have to go back and buy something for the two open cubbies at the top. Instead of getting more doors I'm going to get these drawer inserts in white.

EXPEDIT Insert with 2 drawers IKEA The insert is also finished on the back. Looks good from both directions in a room divider.

I just need to change the knobs and it will be perfect!

My biggest concern with the expedit was that it would be too white compared to my Pottery Barn desk that's more of a cream color. I could see in the store that the expedit was more of an off white, but not quite a cream like the desk. I was so relieved when I got home and compared it to the desk that they are identical in color, at least in the light we get in the office.

Here they are side by side.

I promise it will not stay looking like this. It's not even close to being done. I'm on the hunt this weekend to find a desk chair, wall decor and drapes.

I had initially planned on buying an upholstered dining chair from World Market before the whole Desk Debacle. I think it's too similar in color to the new desk, but I still love the look of it so I hope to find something like it in a different fabric.

My husband really, really wants to buy this piece for the walls. He doesn't make many requests so we'll see if we can fit it in.

I had mentioned before about the paper problem we have in this house. Between the mail and the kids' school papers it's hard to keep them organized. Important papers need to be accessible instead of in drawers because once they are filed I will completely forget about them. Then, there's that whole filing issue anyway. It will end up on the desk top to be filed "later." This is a great solution.

Wood Wall Pocket

It's from Ballard Designs, but I know you can buy these almost anywhere. I can designate a pocket for each of the boys so I can put their weekly homework, library books, and notes in it. Everything just sits on the dining room table in a big mess right now, so this is an asap buy.

On a sidenote, we're finally ready to decorate outside for Halloween. My poor kids are jumping out of their skin to go put the decorations up right now because most of their neighborhood friends have theirs out already, so I'm off to work on that. Have a good weekend!


  1. For the chair, have you tried Home Decorators . com? They have a lot just like that in many different colors. As for the shelves, they are amazing! I admit I've been afraid of Ikea furniture because of the assembly, but those really lok amazing!

    1. Good idea! I looked on there for a desk, but didn't think about a chair.

      You do have to assemble the furniture. I have a handy husband that doesn't mind, thankfully. It didn't look difficult to put together though. I love the instant gratification of getting to take it home right away more than anything.

      Thanks for the tip!

  2. I see that your Expedit 2x8 has legs affixed to it. Looks great. Where did you get the legs and how do they affix securely?