Shopping Saturday

Sep 15, 2012

It's going to be a busy weekend!  I have so many things on my shopping list.  I did get a head start yesterday ordering the new iphone 5.  But, that's not nearly as cool as the otterbox case.  Check out what I found on Etsy.

Monogram Otterbox Commuter Case - Chevron / ZigZag pattern

I know these have been around for a while, but I could never find one that fit my windows phone.  I think I'm more excited about the case than the phone.  I ordered a navy and white chevron with the fuchsia circle monogram.

I'm also looking for fabric to make curtains in my dining room. 

I'm leaning towards a beautiful black, gray and white ikat fabric I saw last weekend.  It was on closeout so hopefully they have enough if I decide I like it.

Even though it's super humid and warm here I'm already going to start my fall decorating.  I found all sorts of ideas on Pinterest yesterday.

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I love the battery operated christmas lights in the vase.  I have several strands so I'm going to definitely try this one out.

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Happy weekend! 

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