Fall Kitchen

Sep 27, 2012

I have to say that I love my glass cabinets.  It's a great way to display my favorite dishes and holiday decor.  I only change out two to three items because I use the cabinets for my everyday dishes and glasses as well. 

I found these leaf plates at Walmart for $3 each.  Not bad!


I'm sure I'll kill the mum like I did the herb plants I had.  Even though they were only a foot from the sink I'd still forget to water them.

I've had the green leaf platter for years and tied it in by adding the green and orange kitchen towel.

It's amazing how changing just a few things can have such a big impact. 

Fall Party


  1. I love your cabinets, too. When we bought our house, there were no glass cabinets, and I had the builder put in one in the corner. i SO wish I'd done a whole row of them!

    1. We added the glass after they were painted. I was prepared to touch up the paint afterwards, but I didn't need to at all. The local glass place contracted a custom cabinet builder to cut the holes and then they put the glass in. It only cost $40 a door total! I couldn't believe it was so cheap!